A taste of teen parenting at its best  

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2/16/2006 5:35 pm
A taste of teen parenting at its best

Being a parent of a teenager is no easy task.

When our children are infants you worry about feeding schedules, diapers, any little rash or fever they have. We coo at them, laugh at their funny faces when they pass gas, and if you where like me I could get enough of them. Love to hold babies love the smell of babies (lets not confuse that with the smell of their diapers shall we) They are so needy and helpless at that age.

Then they grow into toddlers, when there are all new worries. Like keeping small objects out of their mouths and preventing them from probing electrical outlets with pointy metal devices.
They take their first steps and start to become more independent. That is where the trouble begins.

Then on to feeding and dressing themselves (even if their cloths don't quite match or their shoes are on the wrong feet) Potty training, learning their ABC's, riding a bike and off to school

aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww they do grow up fast

But the worse phase in all of this growing up most parents will agree, is the teenage phase.

When we where all younger and growing up I can imagine, like me, we all sore when/if we had kids we wouldn't treat them like our parents treated us.

Well up to this point in my life I feel I had done just that. Growing up I barely remember ever hearing my parents tell me they loved me so I say it at least a few times a day to my kids.
Anyway up until now I felt I had not treated my kids the way my parents had treated me.

That is until a few weeks ago.

I had a rare weekend off and my oldest 15 yr old wanted to invite a friend over for the night. Not a big deal, she had been doing good in school and helping out with the two younger ones so, ok.

Well I picked them up from school, brought them home and as I am in the kitchen getting things ready for dinner the kids want to go out side. It was a nice day so sure. The two older girls and my two little ones went out to play.

As I am in the kitchen I hear them playing in the back yard, but I also hear two other strange voices I don't recognize. I open the back door to find two extra kids in the back yard.........two teenage BOYS none the less. Now at this point I am doing my best to keep my cool because after all I am a new age mom, I am not my parents. At least not until.........the moment I asked who these two strange boys in my back yard where? That is when my daughter promptly with a smile tells me that one is her boyfriend and the other is her friends boyfriend.

If I had a mirror at that moment I am sure that I would have seen my dad's face in it. I am sure
the skin tones turned at least 3 shades redder than normal.

After chastising my daughter for not asking me if they could come by, I proceeded to threaten these two (boys) within an inch of their lives if they ever set foot on my property without me knowing it again. Then I turned into my mom and got the phone numbers of both the boys and called their parents to let them know I was unhappy with the unannounced appearance of their son's at my house.

So much for not turning into my parents, but to tell you the truth, if I had done that my parents would have dragged me out into the middle of the street and given me the beating of a lifetime so that all my friends and neighbors could see and remind me of it every time they saw me from that day forth.

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