i want to love you madly...  

newguy2283 34M
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9/3/2005 6:24 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

i want to love you madly...

i want to love you madly. its a song by cake on the comfort eagle cd. i love cake. i would also love to smear cake on a girl an eat it off her. well no not really i dont have much of a sweet tooth. i will tell you after 5 bud selects an a ultram i am feeling great. that means i got 15 left an a few ultram an xanax bars left. i may be at home cause my pos van is shiznit yes i drive a 93 aerostar an i'm 22 hey its paid for an gets 24mpg. its a love wagon haha. i'd be fraid to do anything in bck of it had lawnmowers,fish,sand, anything i could fit back there in there. alcohol makes me happy makes me feel good anforget my wife left an were separated an also makes me think too. whats my future gonna be. i know what i wish it was right now a lady bout 30-40 laying on the bed naked or saying lets go the the park. wouldnt it be fun to have sex in the park. boy last time i decided to get this funked up i wrecked one of those razor scooters. i mean i have got drunk buh i aint ever decided to just non stop till i passout buh anyways last time i got really messed up till i passed out was bout 5 years ago an those razor scooters had just come out well being funked up from making me a pill cocktail of which i have no clue was in bryan said i ate couple lortab 10's couple xanax and a flexeral. i had drank those little pint bottles of cheap tvarski cherry vodka well anyways i road that scooter behind my friends truck being pulled by a ski rope i hit some gravel going 35mph an boom i had the choice of a pipe mailbox to the head or pavement i took the road an broke my jaw, totally covered my hands in road rash an busted my chin open so wide it chipped the bone ask me to do it again. HELL Yeah with a helmet an some pads. anyways i feel good so whats something crazy you've done when you are drunk,high, etc?

CruelKitty 46F
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9/4/2005 8:02 am

That's some crazy shit. What exactly is ultram and xanax? I don't really do anything crazy like that when I'm drinking. I just become very friendly...with EVERY body. My drunk stories involve talking to people I wouldn't normally talk to, flirting with people I normally wouldn't flirt with, and eventually having sex with people I wouldn't normally have sex with.

newguy2283 34M

9/4/2005 9:32 am

ultram is just a pain/relaxer pill. xanax is an anxiety/depression pill it will mess you up badly with alcohol buh on the bottles they say do not take with alcohol ;p i get mellow when i drink buh i do crazy shit i got several stories. i dont have to be drunk to flirt i like to flirt lol

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