Another day has passed........  

newgirl6440 53F
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4/16/2006 3:51 pm
Another day has passed........

Well, Easter Sunday has come and gone. Hopefully all my scrummy chums have really enjoyed today whether they have been with company or spending the day like me.
No one bought me an Easter egg though lol.
Will be spending tomorrow doing some chores and cooking a real proper roast for a change - quite looking forward to that now.
Today is the first day for a very very long time that I havent received a single new message - does this mean I have fallen out of favour?? Do I not appeal to any one at all?? Hopefully, its just that every one is busy with family and friends and cant get on line so easy - I do hope so; I shall worry now!
Am off to bed soon - hoping that I might have one message tomorrow..........
night all

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