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1/28/2006 11:11 am

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For your reading pleasure....

Hey all,
Getting a chance to write a blog, finally. We have like 6 inches of snow, and there isnt alot else to do today.
I wanted to update my blog, for any one interested (and I honestly can see why you would care). Life has changed a bit.
Lydia and I found a 3rd, one that suits us well. We were not looking for 5 or 6, just one.
So if your hoping to get on the Liv and Lyd express, sorry. Not currently looking for that.
But, if you want to talk, maybe go out for a drink... cool, we can never have too many friends. And as always, we will answer all e-mails and questions.
It has been an interesting month, and we hope it will continue to surprise us and continue to look up.
In other news, I guess that there was supposed to be a meet and greet deal tonight, a new group that some one started recently, Lydia and I had planned to go, but with 6 inches of snow and still counting on the hill that I live on, I dont know if even my big safe truck could make it around ok.
Kinda bummed about that, but perhaps something interesting will happen here at home that will make me not want to leave....
you never know these days. The 3rd we found is a passionate keeper. Life should be alot less dull, sexually anyways.
Thanks all
Liv and Lyd

rm_art_persists 53M
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1/28/2006 12:10 pm

good to hear it's working out. Time for you to go play (in and out of the snow)

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