Summer Breezes  

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4/30/2006 3:42 pm
Summer Breezes

He opens the car door for her, again the perfect gentleman. Again she is wondering if this man is for real or just trying to impress her. His chiseled good looks were certainly enough to cause a reasonable suspicion. She takes her seat as he peers down at her with a smile, he noticed her skirt had hiked up a bit on her long, tanned, perfectly smooth legs. An incidental flash of her white lacy panties caught his eye as she lifted her legs up and into the car. He looks away quickly so as not to stare but in hind-sight he wonders if it was intentional, especially with the way she was smiling all the while.

On the way to the beach to watch the sunset, the flirtatious conversation flowed non-stop just as it had all evening throughout their intimate candlelit dinner. The glow in their eyes was mutual.

Watching the sunset standing with her in front of him. She was impressed by the strength of his arms around her. He gave her a slight hug and she could feel the intense pressure surrounding her. His rock solid chest against her back, and the slightly sweet/spicy scent of his cologne was making her heart beat faster. Erotic thoughts begin to intoxicate her. "Is he getting as hot as I am" she wonders? "He hasn't even kissed me"

"Is she as turned-on as I " he wonders? Standing behind her, his heart now pounds rapidly. He wonders if she can feel the beats. Her long auburn cascading hair is blown into his face. The feminine scent of the fresh salty sea air filtering through her hair is more than he can bear. Her voluptuous ass becomes slightly parted by the swelling of his arousal. She is now certain of his desire and her breathing has now turned into a pant. Her mouth becomes parched. He places his strong hands on her hips and gently but firmly pulls her into his now fully hard cock, parting her ass cheeks even more. Her pussy dripping with anticipation as he softly peppers her lower neck with moist hot breathed kisses and whispers..................

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