Musing: to be titled?  

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2/20/2006 2:53 pm

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Musing: to be titled?

Okay, I do not consider myself lesbian. I do not consider myself bi.. but I no longer consider myself "straight", either. So who am I?

I lay on my back, a man on my right sucking on me, fingering my hole... a woman on my left sucking on me, fingering me... for the first time I am sure I want a woman to caress me... It just feels so... RIGHT. Yet, I wonder. Who am I? What am I?

I come back home, log onto AdultFriendFinder and find a message from a woman telling me she's read my blog and she is a curious woman with a husband who's receptive to having a woman share their bed. I find myself intrigued, wanting to learn more about them, wanting to be the woman they invite to their bed...

okay, so are labels that important? Does it matter if I don't consider myself "labeled"? Does it matter that I consider myself as someone who is very lucky to have been invited by a woman into her bed with her male partner and been given a wonderful opportunity to learn from them? No pressures. gentle guidance. freedom to discover who I am. freedom to explore with another woman my inner secrets and desires. all in a safe, loving, secure environment.

I am truelly blessed to have met these friends

All I know is I am ready to shed society's labels and values as "norm". I am ready to love and be loved, without regard for the other person's gender. Does it matter that a woman can bring me more pleasure than a man? Does it matter that I prefer to be with a man AND a woman, rather than just simply being with a man?

What exactly does it mean that something is labeled as "taboo" and "shameful" by society? Who exactly is society? What gives society a right to tell me it's wrong to feel warmth toward another woman? This is the same society that encourages violence - what's wrong with this picture??

I'm definately not "straight". So am I bi, bi-curious, or ? Does it matter?

Com'on, share your thoughts!
Are titles important?

Do folks need to be labeled? Do folks need to label others?

Are society's commonly held beliefs 'correct'?


2/23/2006 12:24 pm

You have raised some really good issues as far as "labels" and "titles". Labels and titles are for people that have to have "rules". I like you like being with a man and a woman. I am blessed to have a boyfriend that gets to experience a woman the same time I do. I prefer my boyfriend (who is a very good lover and lots of fun) before all others of course but to include a woman with us is indeed fun and exciting! All of society's rules and labels aren't even in your mind while you experience the pleasure of two other people. It doesn't matter what you put on your profile, straight, lesbian, bi-curious, bi-sexual, crooked, squiggly As long as you come into all of this with an opened mind, give yourself some patience and keep it fun. To hell with anyone saying you have to label yourself in order to get better responses!! It's nobody's business only yours. You only have yourself to answer to. Throw yourself out there and don't hold back. Welcome responses to your awesome profile and let them experience your body with theirs. You meet, you click, you

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