I'm Tired  

neuroticafrican 37F
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5/11/2006 4:59 am
I'm Tired

And so I sit here, wondering, what on earth to write in my first blog. I want it to flow, but how do I make it so?
I will title this blog I’m tired, because I am.

I’ve had enough of 2006, have mercy on me and end faster than you’re dragging on, let December come, so that I can take out a dog-eared notebook, and a trusty bic, and write resolutions that are wishes, and wish for things I would only dream about.

2006 ‒ The year when I have to work in a hostile environment, being the only woman working in my office. Why did everyone think I was sleeping with the boss when I got employed? Oh well.

2006 ‒ The most disappointing few months sexually ever? Why do I keep going back to my ex-boyfriend who I believe is now technically speaking my boyfriend every time I feel randy? Stupid, stupid, stupid me! I’m the one sending the texts, I was horrified when I was going through my sent folder the other day and found one I’d sent him some time back. “Are you at home? I’m horny. Can I come over for a lunch time fuck?” Where was my head when I was typing that in? On a phone’s key pad? Must’ve been pretty pre-meditated, takes longer to type that out on a cell. I would slap myself, then again, in the condition I am, that might make me write another text, and we don’t want that, do we? Or do we?

2006 ‒ I’ve fallen in love. Yipee! I’m going to be happy, I’m going to settle down, I’m going to be stable….wrong answer! He’s half way across the world. Oh, that’s not too bad, he can move over there or you can move, you both can work and make a living wherever you go. Oh but he can’t. Did I mention he’s married? Will issues of that union also coming into consideration! Oh dear.

2006 ‒ I used to be able to please myself, but for some reason, the whole of this year, I haven’t been able too. Magic fingers, magic fingers, not magic anymore? Can’t get wet, can’t have an orgasm, yet I know I’m capable of up to 15 in a single session of lovemaking. Any ideas anyone? Randy but can’t get off on my own?

I should probably stop, this line of thought is depressing, but I’ll go on, I know, unless the year looks up.


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