Taken. Part 1 (Science Friction)  

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Taken. Part 1 (Science Friction)

For those of you that thought I made a typo. I just wanted to start a new Genre! But here's Part 1 of the story. I know it's long but that is how it was given to me. I promise there will be no more than 3 parts. Maybe only two. Enjoy and don't cum in my eyes!

My eyes fly open. I am naked and lying on some sort of metallic slab. The metal feels warm and soft like liquid mercury. I try to rise and find that I cannot. I can see no bonds holding me but I feel like a magnet stuck to a refridgerator door. I turn my head to look around and see that the walls around me seem also to be made of mercury. They are curved giving more an impression of a womb. The womb pulsates with the flow of blood through my arteries and gives off a red glow. The light also pulsates, dimming and intensifying with the beats of my heart. The only sound I hear is a soft swooshing sound like blood being pushed through the valves of the aorta. I can feel the stiffness of my cock lying against my belly. It feels ready to burst from being engorged with too much blood.
The last thing I can remember is lying on the sandy beach outside my home in the Caribbean, looking up at the stars. The nightsky is clear of clouds and the stars seem close enough to touch. I am wondering, “who am I and how did I get here?“ when suddenly one of the stars starts to grow bigger and brighter. It appears to be headed straight for me. I start to run and then I am here.
The womb pulses stronger, the red glow deepens to ruby and the swooshing becomes almost deafning. Five men are standing in front of me. I can see no door or opening from where they may have entered. They are all naked and all have enormous erections.
“So, you are up!“ they say in unison following their statement with a childish giggle. The sound of their voices and laughter is like metal windchimes in the wind. I am looking at their faces but I do not see their lips move.
As my eyes move from one face to another, it dawns on me, I know these men. The short, sandy-haired one is Greg. He was my lover ten years ago. The tall, muscular one with dark hair and piercing blue eyes is Phil. Phil was the man who took my virginity. The slim, blond one is Peter. He looks no more than seventeen. That was his age when he gave me my first blow job twenty years ago. The other two are twins, Andy and Anthony. I met them in Key West over six years ago and had my first manage a trois with them. Everyone looks the same age as when I last saw them.
My mind is racing, my heartbeat increases and so does the pulsing of the womb. “This is impossible!“ I am thinking, “Greg died of AIDS five years ago. Phil died in a motorcycle accident. The other three, I lost contact with, so maybe they are dead too. Peter would be 37 now. How can he still look like 17? Maybe I am dead too and this is Heaven.“
The windchimes begin tinkiling again with their laughter and once more they speak together.“There is no such thing! You are very much alive. We took these images from your memory because they were pleasant memories. We thought they would make you more comfortable.“ Again I cannot see their lips moving. I begin to squirm and wonder how I can get out of this. Greg waves his hand and I can feel that I have been released. Again I hear their voices together but their lips are not moving.“That was only for your own safety,“ they say. I suddenly realize that the sound of their voices is not coming through my ears but is inside my head.
“Please speak one at a time, it confuses me when you speak together. How do you do that anyway? I mean talk inside my head without moving your lips?“ I ask, out loud. They appear to cringe at the sound of my voice. Peter‘s immitator covers his ears. The one that looks like Phil says, “We are sorry, we forgot the limitations of humans. It is not necessary for you to speak, just think. It is telepathy. You humans once had the power too but you replaced it with the telephone and television. We have many abilities, some of which you will see and maybe learn.“
“But where am I and why am I here? Where are you from and what do you want from me?“ I whisper, still unable to get used to the idea of thinking and someone else hearing. They shake their heads as if dealing with an annoying child.“Tut, tut! So many questions. You are on our ship because we chose you. We are from a planet so far away that not even your Hubble telescope has detected its existence. We only wish to examine you and collect your sperm. We need it for our survival and you humans waste so much of it. You spill it on the ground and flush it down your drains. We promise it will be pleasurable for you and for us. Now we begin our examination.“
I look around and can see no medical instruments or vials.
“Our bodies are our instruments and our receptacles.“ They say as one.
I feel the metal below me melt away and I am floating towards Peter. I am standing upright and my feet are about two feet off the floor of the womb. The walls are now glowing a bright blue. My protruding cock is now level with Peter‘s mouth. His pink tongue flicks around the circumsised head and then pushes into my piss slit. The walls of the womb melt and we are on the beach, our bodies still wet with sea water. Peter‘s soft young lips encircle my cock and I am 15 again. It is the first time anyone has even touched my dick and I feel my body shudder uncontrollably. His seventeen year old mouth is now moving up and down my cock like a piston. The suction builds up and I slide down his throat. He is kneeling in the sand and I grab his sandy blond hair to steady myself. I feel as if I am going to faint or even die. My cock twitches and my balls tighten. A torrent of cum shoots down his throat and I am afraid he might drown. I pull out of his mouth and he licks the remaining dribbles from my cock with a wicked grin.
He stands and I try to reciprocate but his cock is much too large and is covered in sand. He brushes the sand off and says, “Just lick it!“ I lick like it was my first lollipop. As my tongue moves over the head of his salty cock, he jerks himself off. His huge wad lands in my eye and I am temporarily blinded. Cum pours down my cheek like tears. He laughs and we run and dive into the water.
I surface and the water is no longer salty but smells of chlorine. I glance around and see that I am surrounded by swaying palm trees. I am in the pool at The Lighthouse Lodge in Key West. It is night but the air is balmy. Two beautiful blond boys walk up to the edge of the pool. They are naked but this is not strange as the facility is “clothes optional“. For that matter, I am also naked beneath the water. Their bodies are tanned and firm. Their cocks jut out proudly from dark blond pubic hair.The are identical in every way. They speak together as if they are one person. “Hi, we are Andy and Anthony. Do you mind if we join you?“ Even white teeth flash as both boys smile. I kind of stutter out “ I er, I was hoping you would, feel free.“ My cock is already beginning to stir in the water.
They slide into water beside me and I can tell they have taken my “feel free“ literally. Their four hands immediately begin to explore every crevice of my body. Two hands are on my nipples, another is wrapped around my cock and the other probes my asshole. They turn their faces towards mine and both tongues are exploring inside my mouth. My hands find there is too much for them to do and so settles on rubbing and pulling their ample dicks.
“Have you ever had a manage a trois?“ they ask.
“A what?“ I ask, hoping I don‘t sound too dumb but thinking it is some sort of exotic fruit.
“A threesome, silly!“ They both laugh and I imagine I hear the tinkling of windchimes.
I am more that happy to try it with these two beauties. We make our we back to my room.
The door is just hissing shut and both fall to their knees in front of me. Their mouths begin to devour my cock. With one mouth on either side of my dick they slide their lips up and down the shaft, like they were playing a musical instrument. When they reach the head, they take turns sucking on it. I am going crazy and I think my moans and shouts of “yes, yes, suck my cock“, can be heard in Miami. My knees are weak and I am on the brink of coming when they both rise. For the first time since we‘ve met, one speaks without the other. “I‘m Andy and I‘m a bottom. My brother is a top.“
I‘m thinking that I couldn‘t give a shit who takes what position since they are exactly the same. Andy lies face down on the bed and sticks a pillow under his crotch so that his ass is raised. The crack is pale where the sun‘s rays have not managed to penetrate but I am determined to. I reach under the bed and find the tube of KY. I lubricate his tiny pink hole and slide my index finger in and out. He lets out a deep sigh and begs me to fuck him hard. I rub some more KY on my cock and place the tip at the center of his georgeous ass. He rises to meet me and I feel my dickhead slide inside. I plunge forward and he screams with delight. Meanwhile, I can feel Anthony preparing my asshole for his attack. I pull out of his brother so that only my dickhead remains in him. Anthony, with one swift thurst, is to the hilt in me. His movement causes me to plough even deeper into Andy and he screams again. We establish our rhythm so that no one is dislodged. Anthony‘s balls are slapping against my ass and that really turns me on. I begin to buck wildly. The sounds of balls slapping against asses is like a crazy calypso in the tropical night. My cock is throbbing in the young twin‘s ass and I can feel the muscles in my own asshole clamping around his brother‘s shaft. I spurt load after load deep inside the blond. His muscles tighten and loosen to suck the last drop from me. My own insides tingle and vibrate as Anthony makes one last deep thrust, flooding my guts with warm cum. We rise to take a shower and there is a huge wet spot on the bed from Andy‘s cum.
“Guess who gets to sleep on the wet spot tonight?“ I ask. We are still laughing as the water pours down on us.

“Why are you standing in the rain? You are soaking wet! Come inside before you catch your death of cold!“ I look up to see a handsome man with curly black hair, leaning out of the window. Looking around, I see no one else so realize he must be talking to me. “I, I, I don‘t think I should, sir“ I shout back to him.
“Come on, don‘t be a silly little boy, I don‘t bite! And don't call me sir, I'm not that much older than you.“..............To Be Continued

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