Stone Boy (Poem)  

neumuellerboy 47M
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1/25/2006 3:34 pm

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Stone Boy (Poem)

Here is one that I can't explain. It came, I saw and it conquered. Sometimes you just don't know where they come from!

Stone Boy

I am the boy
Made of stone
I feel nothing
I stand alone
Don’t feel love
So can’t feel pain
No warmth from the sun
Or cold from the rain
No sorrow to endure
and also no joy
It’s easy when you’re
Just a stone boy
No feelings to hurt
No hurt to feel
My heart is a
Lump of steel
No one to touch
And nothing to hold
Stone faced I stand
Hard and cold

But a small bird perched
On my shoulder today
Whispered “I love you”
And then flew away
And something melted
Perhaps a lump of steel
And then a sudden tingling
As I started to feel.

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