Be Still, My Heart (Poem)  

neumuellerboy 47M
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1/25/2006 6:52 am

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Be Still, My Heart (Poem)


Be still, my heart
And listen to the reason of my head
This raging, pounding, beating
Fills my soul with dread.

This love that you burn with
Will never be returned
This fire that consumes you
Will only leave you burned.

Be still, my heart
And hear the wisdom of my years
Let me quench your flames of love
With many bitter tears.

But the fire, once it’s burning
Needs must rage on and on
‘Till all that’s left is ashes
And every hope is gone

Be still, my heart
And shield yourself from pain
This flame that now engulfs you
Will burn once more again.

Like the phoenix from its ashes
Love will once more rise
And blazing, bright and glorious
Bring fire to my eyes.

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