A Foggy Night in France  

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1/25/2006 4:54 am

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A Foggy Night in France

The following is an account of my first AdultFriendFinder date.

It all began not long after I joined AdultFriendFinder. I received a wink from someone and went straight (gayly forward) to his profile. Damn, it said he was straight and looking for women and the picture showed a huge erect cock. He is in his early 20‘s. Too good to be true I say, maybe he pushed the wink button by mistake. So I send an email asking, why me? I get one back saying he is bisexual and would like to fuck me. (I had to translate using the computer. My French is not very good. Turns out he also speaks German of which mine is better.) I write back saying that I don't care if he is a bicycle, with a cock like that, he can fuck me anytime. I believe the play on words got lost in translation. After days of writing back and forth with praises for each others cocks, we finally set a date and place for meeting.

It is cold and raining, the wipers slash back and forth in rhythm to Rod Stuart singing "Do you think I'm sexy?" playing on the radio. "How appropriate" I think as I drive the 70 km to our rendezvous. The song changes to "I drove all night" and I begin to believe that the gods are with me tonight.
I arrive, with the help of GPS, 10 minutes before the appointed time. It was the longest ten minutes I have ever spent. I chain smoke and scan the hotel parking lot for signs of a dark blue Peugot. Nothing. My heart is thumping wildly and my hands shake as I light another cigarette. The mixture of fear, anticipation and nicotine taste bitter in my mouth. Five minutes past the time and I begin to curse myself for being such a fool when a dark blue Peugot pulls into the parking lot. My heart beats faster and I wonder if I can go through with it. The car door opens and in the neon light of the hotel sign, I can see that he has dark hair. He stands and he is tall and lean. As he approaches my car, the light from a street lamp catches his face andI can tell he really is young and quite handsome. The face is chiselelled, the eyebrows and eyelashes black and thick. The lips are full and sensuous. "Oh gods", I pray silently, "thank you for giving me all that I want. Now, by some miracle make me appear the same to him". He smiles and calls my name. I smile back and say his. Silently, we walk to the hotel.
The room is small but suits our purpose. I have brought a bottle of champagne and two glasses . We toast our Sante's and quickly remove our clothes. His body is slim and smooth. His cock makes a perfect contrast to his body, long but thick and a of darker tone. He is looking at me and I can see that already his cock is rising. He says something in German as he beckons me over. I ask him to only speak French when we make love. He answers "Oui" and I think "Ye gods, now I am playing Mortisha from The Addams Family".
My hands are still trembling (from anticipation only, this time) as I run them over his baby soft skin. I lean forward and take one of his small nipples into my mouth. I gently suck and it hardens with the caresses of my tongue. A soft moan escapes his lips.
I fall to my knees and take his cock into my mouth. Almost instantly he is hard. I find I can only swallow half his length without choking. Never had a problem before with other men.
We move to the bed and lay side by side in the 69 position. I am not expecting him to reciprocate so a gasp is stiffled in my full throat when I feel his warm mouth envelope my cock. He takes his mouth away and asks "C'est Bon?" I know he won't understand, but I reply, "God is it good! Don't stop!" His tongue flickers over the head of my cock like that of a snake. Instead of chills running down my spine, I can definitely feel them running up. I know that if he keeps doing it, I will spoil everything and come too soon.
I take my mouth away from his cock and start to lick on his balls. He reciprocates by taking my whole length down his throat. I can feel his nose pressing against my groin. The vaccuum created by his mouth pulls my cock deeper and deeper down. I want to show my apreciation to this talented, beautiful boy and also give him something that he will never forget. I take my hands and seperate the cheeks of his ass. I inhale the lingering smell of soap and know it is fairly safe to proceed.
His hole is like a tight, pink rosebud. I imitate the snake-like movement of his tongue with my own. The rosebud open a little and I stick the tip of my tongue inside. He grabs his cock and slides his hand up and down its enormous length, panting “Mon Dieu, Mon Dieu“. I know he is nearing his limit and I want more, so I take my mouth away.
I reach over and pass him the condom and the gel. While he rips open the package and rolls the inadequately sized tube of latex over his cock, I turn on my back and place my feet on his shoulders. He smiles down into my face.
There is delicious pain as he enters me, centimeter by centimeter. He takes me like a lover, gently but firmly. He grabs my hips and I thrust to meet his own thrust. There are quiverings inside me that I have never felt before and I feel I can come without even touching myself. I can feel his cock growing even harder inside me and I know he is about to come so I grab my own. I want us to come together. Our moans and groans begin to fill the small motel room and spill outside.
I squirt like I was sixteen again, splashing my own shoulder with come. He quickly pulls out of me, whips off the condom with a snap and kneels over my face. My face is drenched with his cum. A tiny drop enters my mouth and it is sweet. Nectar of the gods, this juice of Adonis!
We lie in each others arms for few minutes, savoring the “petit mort“ that comes after sex. We smoke and sip more champagne as we tell about ourselves. He is not a big talker so I have to drag some details out of him.
He offers to pay for half the hotel room but although I think it is sweet, I refuse. The hotel was my idea.
He is still naked but I think it is time to go. His cock is so beautiful that I bend over and kiss it goodbye. It comes to attention once more. We move back to the bed to repeat it all over again. The second time is even better than the first.
Three hours after we first entered the hotel, we are outside saying our Au Revoir‘s. The fog is beginning to roll in and he bends slightly to kiss me on both cheeks. He turns and gets into his car.
I wave goodbye and the dark blue Peugot disappears into the fog.
I change the station on the car radio to classical. Handel‘s "Hallelujah Chorus" reverberates through my soul as I drive the long, foggy highway home.

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