neotrio 42M/39F  
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5/19/2006 3:00 pm

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6/16/2007 9:35 pm


so i'm buying shampoo the other day. normally it doesn't take but a few seconds to grab the old reliable herbal essence that i've been using for years, but this day i find myself with too much time on my hands.

i start looking at them, reading them. there's a shitload of new brands and "flavors" (as i like to call them) out there these days, but what amazed me the most was what shampoos can really do now. remember when shampoo got your hair clean...made it smell good?? that was it. that's all we needed. we were happy, life was good.

now you can smoothen, straighten, volumize, thicken, brighten, highlight. they can make your hair stronger, healthier, curlier and shinier. they can grow it if you've lost it, protect the color if you've dyed it, get rid of split ends for you, protect you from the sun, cure dandruff, cure halitosis, make your breasts bigger, teach you how to play the piano in 5 days and make you a peanut butter sandwich.


after about an hour and 16 minutes in the shampoo aisle i finally decided on a simple lovely fruit smelling shampoo of the "smoothes and shines" variety. i have to say i'm quite pleased, it does exactly as it claims, which also blows my's's dead.


i'm currently planning a trip down the toothpaste aisle. i've scoped out a route and started stocking up on supplies. wish me luck!

rm_atta_girl 46F
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5/19/2006 4:35 pm

lol! it is a time hogger

neotrio 42M/39F  
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5/22/2006 2:14 pm

atta_girl- yes, you really can lose track of time sometimes. thanks for stopping by.

Jeepidiot 44M

5/22/2006 3:28 pm

I've always hated shopping for shampoo. I have no clue what my hair type is and if I want it to be shiny, smooth, wavy, crazy, volumized or minimized. I just want it clean and still attached to my scalp.

I would really be interested in the shampoo that gave me bigger breasts and taught me to play the piano.

iluvjbsinaz 56M

5/22/2006 6:22 pm

Ahh, shampoo. Brings back memories of getaway weekends, hoping my lover has brought a sensually smelling shampoo and body wash, knowing I'm going to wash her hair and the rest of her by hand....

neotrio 42M/39F  
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5/29/2006 3:28 pm

jeep-that would be "gee your hair smells like a big breasted pianist's"


neotrio 42M/39F  
1213 posts
5/29/2006 3:31 pm

iluvjbsinaz-yes, i remember that you enjoy washing a woman's hair...i thought of you as i walked down this aisle. bathing and washing a lover, or being sexual, sensual....mmmmmm....

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