types of sex  

neogriff666 33M
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6/17/2006 11:11 pm
types of sex

ok there are 3 types of sex

1: fucking, fucking is jsut getting what you want. more bitting and slapping and all that great shit, but no love. IE S&M drunk sex and all that good shit.

2: sex, sex is softer then fucking, but you try to help each other get off, but you still do it for you.

3: making love, making love is soft and loving
you dont really cair if you get off all you want is to see the person you are with happy. alot of kissing and alot of love.

but just cause there are three type, does not mean there is only one way to do them. and that would fall under subclasses... which i will not go in to because to many things you can do and not eought time to name them all...

so have fun with it!

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