Sex horror story  

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7/18/2005 5:23 pm

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Sex horror story

This is the type of crap that can only happen to me!

A few years ago, the Mr. was an over the road truck driver. He would be gone for weeks at a time, leaving me home with his children who were 5 and 9 at the time. Due to a lack of a good Friend w/ Benefits, I was on verrrrry intimate terms with my hot pink vibrator.

One evening I had a particularly exhausting session with my little toy and passed out before properly cleaning and hiding the toy in my nightstand.

The next morning, my beagle puppy with a healthy curiosity went into the bedroom to investigate while I was in the bathroom performing my wake up rituals.

Next thing I know, my stepdaughter is yelling for me because Luna (bad beagle, bad!) came prancing out with the remains of the vibrator. Apparently she gutted the thing and came out with the hot pink sheath for my daughter to play with.

I was utterly horrified.

Thankfully, my daughter was too young to know what she was dealing with and I quickly snatched the hot pink toy part and disposed of it, all the while glaring most angrily at the dog.

My daughter is now 16 and is only NOW discovering exactly what the dog brought out to her.

I guess you could say I got my parental revenge because now she is utterly horrified at the thought of me having toys.

Poor girl, she is SO naive....

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