greetings to all  

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3/3/2005 8:55 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

greetings to all

a bit about me for any one intrested after looking at my short profile.
i am white, male and very shy. i work as a security manager for a private company and work nights only, working alone. for some stupid reason i seem to enjoy the job even with the dangers it presents. i enjoy a varied amount of intrests including music, classics, jazz, blues. i am an avid D.I.Y. man and like cars, making candels and any home craft i can lay my hands on.somehow somewhere i messed my life up when i became a crossdresser, still closet and will always be. i have been one for about 7 years and my wife is tired of it. i cant blame her and do not blame her for her actions........destroying my small collection of clothes, not having any physical or sexual contact with me for the past 6 years and so on. i have also lost family and many friends because of this. as stupid as this sounds i crossdress to escape the pressures of my work but i have never and will never shave my body, use make up and so on, its just the dressing that i do. through these actions i have come to realise that NO woman should be taken for granted or for a play thing, they are the most precious beings in the world. to any guys reading this.....PLEASE take care of your wives and girlfriends, make them feel like a princess because they deserve it.above all i really value friendship. with my job i never know if i will be back to chat and sit on the rafters just watching.i can if wanted be contacted at AdultFriendFinder and am also on msn.
you all take care there and please be safe and well.


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