The right way to 4 play  

nc_real_lover 36M
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7/10/2006 3:48 am
The right way to 4 play

Somebody asked me to describe what I would do to them

When it comes to sex, I want to make love to your entire body! First I would undress you holding under your arms while kissing you in the mouth, then I would slide off your shirt an start caressing your breast and move down to massaging you on your waist. Then I would get down on my knees and kiss your stomach and belly button as I unbuckled your bottoms. Once I got that off of you I would begin to kiss you on legs and knibble on your inner thigh while I was pulling down your underwear. Once I got you underwear down to your ankles - finally I could begin eating you out. I'm not just going to lick your pussy, I'm going put my whole face in it and stick my tongue inside of you! I have a very big dick so I have to make sure that your pussy is very wet! I want you first orgasm to be in my mouth. While I was eating you out I would be carressing your ass, then I would slowly push you onto whatever ever then nearest surface was for you to sit on, put on a condom, and put this big dick inside you......
The rest you have to get it person!

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