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3/24/2006 2:21 am

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Friday story

It’s Friday night and we decide to meet at your place before going out for the evening. I am a little early but what the heck. I knock on the door, you shout, ‘’ It’s open’’ so I come inside. I can hear by the sound of the water running that you are in the shower. There are no lights on just the gentle flicker of candlelight, Hmmm? I sit back on the bed, flicking through a magazine while I wait for you ‘Hi, you’re early’. I raise my head at the sound of your voice. My heart stops in my throat. You are standing in front of me with just a towel around your waist. In the flickering light I can see the small droplets of water sparkling on your body. Your body is sculpted from the hours you spend in the gym, not too big and bulky but perfectly toned. My mouth goes dry I can’t even form any words in my mouth. I raise my eyes from your body and look into those soulful brown eyes. You know what I am thinking, but we are ‘just’ friends. How can I feel this way? My body defies my mind. I stand up slowly, your name escaping my lips in a gasp ‘Shaun’ a small smile flickers across your lips and I know you are feeling the same way.

I stand and walk towards you. Your arms encircle me and hold me close, our lips touch gently, brushing over each other, I look into your eyes and you smile back at me, its OK, I close my eyes and lose myself in you. My lips press tenderly against yours... kissing softly at first... I bite gently on your lower lip.......You start to kiss me harder as you press against me our tongues glide back and forth over one another as our hips press against each other... you can feel my breasts against your chest... my nipples pressing through my top against your bare skin, the moisture from the water droplets dampening my top.... your hands sliding down along my hips holding them tight against you... grinding gently back and forth as I part my lips ... drawing your tongue into my mouth... we kiss passionately and tenderly.
I draw back just a little our mouths still on each other.
My hands find their way along your chest feeling the curve of your chest as I brush over your nipples, the back of my hand softly glides over you, I feel the soft hair on your chest, I run my hands along your stomach to your waist and around to your back............I pull you close to me.........I move my hands up to you face and pull your lips towards mine........I can feel your arousal as you press against me, grinding your hips into me, your breathing becoming faster and more urgent.

I feel you hands on my shoulders and I slowly kiss my way down your neck across your chest, licking and flicking my tongue down to your belly button. You run your hands through my hair as I kneel in front of you, I gently tug the towel and it drops to the floor, your magnificent cock is standing erect right in front of my eyes, you are beautiful.

I start to kiss you, licking you all over my tongue moving up your shaft from the base to the tip. While kissing your already rock hard cock, I gently caress your balls. My warm, moist mouth engulfs the head of your cock, my tongue moving around and over you. You begin to throb like never before. Slowly I take your cock fully into my mouth. You can feel it hit the back of my throat. I draw you out before taking you into my mouth again and I begin to suck even harder, moving up and down faster and faster, my one hand stroking your throbbing cock, while my other hand continues to caress your balls. Your breathing changes and you let out a low moan as you clutch my hair tightly. I know you can’t contain yourself any longer. You try to pull away, but not yet. ‘’I want you to cum for me Shaun’’, and I and began licking your head and suck harder and harder until you groan and thick, white cream fills my mouth, I let you watch it run down my chin, before wiping it off with your towel. I continued to suck and swallow until there is nothing more.

You help me up, your hands softly caressing the rounded softness of my breasts, you slowly take my top and my bra off, my nipples becoming more erect from the cool night air and the touch of your fingertips. My lips and yours meet hungrily, our kiss long, deep and passionate as our hands caress each other. We move towards the bed together, I lay down and you lie over me, pulling my clothes off until I am completely naked. ...
Your tongue glides over my breasts you place your mouth over my nipple, teasing it with your tongue, you softly suck it into your mouth, your teeth clamping gently down as you suck harder

You run your hands along my body.... letting your fingertips glide gently along my skin... brushing down against my thighs... gently easing them along my inner thigh, feeling the heat coming from between them...You slide your fingers along me, feeling my wetness. You bend down and put your mouth on me. Sliding you tongue along me licking my clit and all along my slit tasting me, pushing your tongue inside me. I gasp as you take your finger, press it inside my lips, pushing it deeper and deeper, until your entire finger is inside me, you move your finger in and out of me as your tongue moves over my clit. I buck my hips and grind against you as my excitement increases, ‘I am cumming’, and as your fingers work expertly inside me your tongue drives me wild.
‘’Fuck me Shaun, I want you inside me so bad...” You come up to me and lean down kissing me passionately, our tongues rolling and moving over one another. I can feel you are hard for me again. I can taste myself on your lips as you place the tip of your cock at my entrance and slowly begin to press inside me deeper and deeper, inch by inch. My legs gripping your waist hard, pulling your cock deeper and deeper inside me. You push your cock all the way inside me to the base before slowly pulling out to the tip, I stare at you smiling, gently you push back inside. Long hard strokes, deeper and deeper, letting me feel the size of your cock as you push over and over again in and out of me.

Your cock moves faster and faster. My moaning becomes more and more intense as our bodies move together ‘aah aah aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh’, grinding and pressing moving faster and faster. Your balls slapping against my ass as your cock thrusts deeper and deeper inside me, pounding into me faster and faster, I move my legs higher so you can go even deeper and harder. I am moaning so loudly for you now ‘I want you to cum with me’ my voice is halting as you pound into me even more. ‘Shaun cum with me now’, you are slamming your cock inside me. You hold me under my ass as you begin to thrust faster and faster, making me feel every inch of you.
"Oh Shaun.... I’m going to cum…..", you answer, ‘’Sarah... I want you....Cum with me now." You let me have all of you as you slam into me, making wave after wave of ecstasy wash over me. My orgasm is so intense. I feel you throbbing and pulsing inside me as your cum spills into me.
You collapse on the bed next to me completely spent, our breathing so deep as our chests rise and fall in unison we look into each others eyes and touch and kiss tenderly as our breathing becomes normal once again.

rm_just4fun2043 50M
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3/24/2006 6:34 am

MMMmmmmm I got hard just visualising the scene you set, and even had to adjust myself in my seat, you sure got it spot on, except for the fact that my eyes are blue and my name is not Saun but you did get me to pre cum just by reading , wild thing nawty

rm_medieval2006 41M

3/25/2006 12:36 am

Again a truly amazing story! What nice things to imagine, even nicer in reality am sure! A real treat! Cool picture as well.

rm_fransi19662 51M

3/26/2006 10:33 pm

as always,a sweat imagenation of how it would be to be in shauns shoes and to get hold of that sexy bum of urs,make me so hard for u.again i would love to feel ur body and experience the cene that you describe with u;hugs and kisses

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