A woman's sensuality.....  

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7/11/2006 3:30 am

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A woman's sensuality.....

Before everyone asks, no I have never been with another woman so this story is pure imagination.....hope you like it.


We don’t often get time to ourselves. Commitments get in the way family and other things. But today we told white lies and bought ourselves a whole night together.

I drive up the long dark driveway, willing myself to slow down. I don’t wanna go crashing into one of the many huge trees. Tonight is too important.

I pull up and sit quietly for a few seconds, letting the engine run. I listen to my heart thudding inside my chest. I even laugh at myself. Just what do I think I’m doing here? Can I go through with this? What will I think of myself after?

I step out of my car and slide into my shoes. I don’t bother to lock the doors ‒ why the hell would I out here in the middle of nowhere? I walk slowly along the path and start up the steps to the deck, which goes right around the house. You meet me halfway and offer me your hand.

Your hands are warm, gentle but almost twice the size of mine. I take your hand and let you lead me to the front door. You guide me with a strong hand in the middle of my back. You slide your hand up. My skin tingles when you reach the cool bare skin of my shoulders. You stop me under the light near the door. You gently place your hands on my face. I smile up at you ‒ nervously, expectantly.

Your fingers run down my neck and over the swell of my beasts. I gasp, and feel myself pressing into your big hands. I feel my nipples puckering through the fabric of my top as your palms squeeze, and your fingers roam.

You kiss me again… deeply. My arms wrap around your neck. You softly twist a nipple and I feel my pussy ache. I moan into your mouth and feel you pull me closer.
“You want this too, don’t you?” Your big brown eyes search mine.

I smile at you and nod.

The front door opens and your girlfriend grins. “Come on in, you’ll freeze out there.”

You take my hands off you, before giving them to your girlfriend. She feels warm, very warm. She leads me inside the house, straight to the master bedroom.

It’s a beautiful room. The bed is gigantic, and dressed in white and cream. A fireplace gives a soft, warm glow to everything ‒ the wooden floors and antique furniture.

You watch us carefully, while pouring wine from the dresser.

Your girlfriend gives me a sly grin and squeezes my hand before winking. She turns to sit on the soft rug in front of the fire and pats the space next to her. I step out of my shoes and kneel opposite her. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this. I can’t understand why I’m so nervous.

I take a long look at your girlfriend. Tall, slim, long dark hair. She has olive unblemished skin, which just glows in the firelight. She is completely beautiful… and that’s why I feel strangely shy. I’m also uncertain about the jealousy thing. I know you and I are fine ‒ but you say you love this woman… and that makes this a big step.

I take the glass you offer, and swallow a big gulp to steady my nerves.

You take off your shirt and sit on the low couch at the end of the bed. Briefly I think of our first time together ‒ teenagers screwing under the hall stage in high school. You went down on me ‒ the first time a boy had done that to me ‒ and made me climax while I bit my wrist so we wouldn`t be heard by the drama class above us. You`ve always turned me on. But now, as a man, you never fail to thrill me when we get together. You`ve shown me much.

I look back at your girlfriend and see her staring at me. She takes my glass and sets it carefully by the fireplace.

She puts her delicate white fingers on my crossed knees. “Are you ok?” Shouldn’t we be asking you this? “Don’t be nervous Sarah. This was my idea.”

I look back to you. “It’s true, you say’’.

When I turn back your girlfriend has moved closer. Her face is so close to mine that I can smell her sweet breath. She leans to whisper; “I’ve wanted you for months. He made me wait. I study her face. No hint of mockery...what a relief. She has such fine features, pale blue eyes dilated from the low light no doubt. Her mouth is small, thin lips ‒ very unlike mine. I touch them with my forefinger ‒ tracing her bottom lip carefully.

I bend to softly kiss her long throat. I feel her shudder and I smile into her hair.

I feel her fingers lifting my face. My eyes lock on hers and I see her look at you briefly smiling, before pulling my lips close to hers.

Her lips are unbelievably soft against mine. The kiss is gentle, undemanding but completely captivating. Her hands hold my face as she deepens our kiss, tongues entwine. Behind me, I hear you sigh.

Eventually we pull away. Her skin is flushed now, and quite pink She hasn’t taken her eyes off me yet.

Ten minutes later we are still kissing, peeling each other’s clothes off. For the moment you are forgotten, but I doubt you’re bored. Now revealed, your girlfriend looks amazing. Her dark hair and creamy skin is shown off beautifully in the firelight.

Her small pointed breasts respond to my touch. Her nipples jut proudly and I feel her tremble as I roll one between a thumb and forefinger. I gently ease her onto her back and finally get a good look at her body. Her d├ęcolletage is flushed right down to between her breasts, signs of arousal I smile to myself.

Between her legs there is a thin strip of dark downy hair. I run my fingers up her legs, opening them to kneel between her knees. Her pussy smells faintly musky, sweet. I can`t wait to taste her. Her lips are bare, and creamy white. Her inner lips peek through. They are very pale pink, and look like faint rose petals. I can’t wait to touch her either.

I am suddenly aware of you behind me. Your breathing is shallow and laboured. I feel you brush my hair over a shoulder and you kiss me there. I don’t take my eyes off your girlfriend. She watches as you lick my neck. I gasp when I see her caress her own nipples. She looks so good.

I lose sight of her when you forcefully take my lips with yours. Your tongue tangles with mine. Your girlfriend whispers for you to undress. Breaking our kiss, you stand quickly and strip off. You look great. ..but then you always do. Your perfectly formed cock is fiercely engorged. I remember the first time I saw you like this. I was seriously concerned about your size ‒ so long, with a girth I can barely wrap my hand around.

You sit cross-legged by her head, and encourage your girlfriend to rest on a cushion over your lap. While she’s moving, her legs open wide. I catch both ankles to keep them apart. I scoot up and bend to kiss her. My hair falls over both our faces and you push it out of the way so you can see.

I kiss her lightly, small kisses on her bottom lip. While I do this I place my right palm flat against her mound. The heat coming off it is incredible. She puts a hand on the back of my neck, encouraging me to deepen our kiss, which I gladly do. Her other hand clamps over mine, and she grinds her pussy into my open palm. She sighs. You moan.

She pushes her middle finger against mine. I encounter hot moisture when her lips open. Her texture is like silk.

I want more. I sit with my legs on either side of yours, my pussy facing your girlfriend’s. I run my fingers up over her taught tummy and take one of her hands. I guide it back between her legs. We both watch spellbound as she opens her beautiful cunt. Pale rose pink darkens into a deep burgundy at her moist opening.

I carefully caress her there with both thumbs ‒ not entering her… just pressing gently. Her pussy flows. She opens her legs wider. You cup her breasts and toy with her nipples, all the while watching the space between her legs. I trail my thumbs up the length of her slit, pushing moisture almost to her most sensitive part. I stroke her three or four times like this, before suddenly grazing my thumb over her now quivering nub.

She reacts instantly ‒ swearing and writhing in pleasure. Inevitably, this causes my own pussy to pulse, and my clit to throb… but my turn will come later. She invites me to caress her further by making a V with her fingers, exposing her delicately vulnerable clit. I slide my thumbs back down, slipping in her delicious wetness, delving further into her pussy this time, before returning my slick digits to her nub.

I touch her softly, barely, stroking upwards over her aroused flesh, alternating my thumbs ‒ one searching for moisture, the other strumming her clit. Soon a tremor starts in her thigh. You squeeze her breasts a little harder. She plants a foot flat on the ground and snatches one of your hands away from her chest. She desperately interlocks her fingers with yours. She watches my hands working on her pussy, while you watch her face.

Her expression darkens and we know she must be close. I place my left hand over her V and wrap my fingers over hers. I change my thumb strokes slightly, pressing a tiny bit harder and moving faster. I torment her clit with more friction. Her breathing staggers into harsh moans. With both feet flat on the floor and wide apart she starts to climax.

Her eyes snap open, but focus on nothing. She thrashes and I work hard to keep my hand on her pussy. She looks so hot. The flush on her chest has crept up her neck to her cheeks. She cums hard. You hold her shoulders to steady her, while smiling at me. What seems like an age later, when she’s finished and is relaxing into coming down, I reluctantly withdraw my coated, drenched hand. She sighs and smiles, stretching her arms over her head.

I stand and stretch my arms too, before going to sit on the couch behind us. You move yourself, and gently set her head on the cushion, before bending to kiss her forehead. She really is extraordinarily beautiful … so sensual.

I’m still gazing at her when you take my tired wrist in your big hand. You grin and examine the moisture on my fingers momentarily, before smearing my fingers over a full round breast. I gasp when you kneel between my legs and lick your girlfriend’s taste off me. I look past you and see your girlfriend watching us through lust-laden eyes.

You take one of my nipples gently between your teeth and flick your tongue across it. I moan loudly and bite my bottom lip. I lean back onto the cushions behind me and run my fingers through your hair. I close my eyes and enjoy the feel of your mouth. Soon I feel another mouth, a softer mouth kissing my neck.

You stand and offer me your cock. I shift to the very edge of the seat and run my hand steadily back and forth, pumping you. Your tip oozes, and I lick you lightly. Instantly your hands move to my face, caressing my jaw urging me to suck. I will of course, soon.

Your girlfriend pushes you to the side and opens my knees wider. She whispers that she hasn’t done this before. I grin and tell her she doesn’t have to. In response she buries her face in my cunt and slurps my grateful clit into her mouth. She assaults it mercilessly ‒ with lots of suction. I drop both my hands to the back of her head to hold her there.

I start to pant. My climax is building relentlessly. I hear myself swear. I hope I’m not hurting her, but I can’t seem to make myself let go of her head. It feels like I’ll die if she stops. I feel first one finger, then two sliding up into my tight pussy. Oh, that feels so good. She sucks on my clit harder, in and out, twisting.

I see you feather stroking your dangerously throbbing cock. You look so good. I look at you, and slowly and deliberately lick my lips. You get as close as you can to me. I turn to the side and let you feed your cock into my mouth. I make a tight O with my lips and let you slide in, my tongue swirls around your head in the same rhythm that your girlfriend is using on my clit. You take a half step forward and I open my throat, swallowing your cock.

I start to cum. You back off slightly and I scream around your cock, bucking my hips frantically against your girlfriend’s face. Her fingers fuck me faster and I feel my inner muscles gripping them desperately, milking them as my orgasm washes over me.

I close my eyes and eventually my orgasmic spasms subside. As I start to come back down, your girlfriend removes her fingers from me and laps me gently with her tongue. Fuck. That was so good!

Suddenly you take your cock from me. It quivers blindly, throbbing and glistening with saliva. You were dangerously close to your own climax then. It’s good to wait though.

We have all night.

Naughtyfuck692 48M
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7/11/2006 9:55 pm

WOW , what a writer you are

rm_naaitime 51M
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7/14/2006 3:50 am

We haven't met, have you? You are awe-inspiring as you conjure up the story...I'd like to live in your head!

Have a great day, remember [blog naaitime]

HotLover_pmb 48M

7/16/2006 12:06 pm

My whole ambition is in love and sexual intercourse with women,
No doubt nor mistake about that!
If my member is without puss, my state becomes frightful,
My heart then burns with a fire which cannot be quenched.
Look at my member erect! There it is - admire its beauty!
It calms the heat of love and quenches the hottest fires
By its movement in and out between your thighs.
Oh, my hope and my apple, oh, noble and generous lady,
If one time will not suffice to appease thy fire,
I shall do it again,and again,and again so as to give satisfaction;

rm_nawty1974 47M/44F
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7/20/2006 5:25 am

OOohh a girl's gotta love compliments lol! Need ideas for another story...... Maybe I should go back in time to when my husband (then boyfriend) was in the army and came out on pass....... wow were those some reunions!

rm_LetsPlay9001 41M
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8/5/2006 11:45 pm

Great story nawty,
you seem to be one of the most active members (from cpt) on this site, pity there are not more of you around as i am sure you get plenty of advances from most cpt guys looking....
keep it up.

rm_nawty1974 47M/44F
126 posts
8/6/2006 6:01 am

LetsPlay... there's plenty of me to go round lol!

rm_noah1953 65M

8/13/2006 2:07 pm

You are so good, you have now described an amazing scene Would love to spend some time with you......WOW

rm_nawty1974 47M/44F
126 posts
8/14/2006 1:22 am

Noah....glad you enjoyed!

Indulge_me101 56F

8/22/2006 4:20 am

Nawty...that was GREAT!!!!!!! Very well written...erotic...sexy..hot...omg..could go on like this forever.... Keep it up babes......

rm_Rayverne 38M
327 posts
10/4/2006 2:12 am

Wow that is some talent you have I love describing foreplay but I cant do a full story as yet. jsut wow

PassionFind65 52M

10/4/2006 6:24 am

How horny....I am toataly wet & just need to put my tongue into your wet pussy

rm_matchluv 63M

11/23/2006 7:32 am

I was trashed at the time....so, it was you.

rm_nawty1974 47M/44F
126 posts
11/24/2006 2:36 am

lol matchluv..you mean you don't remember???

Ghezelyn 40M

1/4/2007 11:35 pm

Wow My heart is trobbing like a jack hammer, I feel like i was there just watching Listening and feeling the heat, boy i would have liked to be there

rm_golfmaster74 44M
13 posts
2/2/2007 6:27 am

Nawty nawty nawty ..........hmmmm you are good i must say that i have saluted your story and risen to the ocassion.... i would love to watch you with my wife....hmmmmm but then she would take plenty convinsing... i would love to meet you first though and then we could discuss it.... i love your posts.... keep em rolling

the golfmaster

rm_lambchop1976 41M
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4/29/2007 7:29 am

I have been saving my first post for something meaningful but after that story I cannot deny that I was moved. Moved to ovation!! Hurrah!
Nawty, your sense of eroticism shows you are a partner worthy of much respect and even more attention. I would gladly send you my son for his 'first time', while saving you for my last time..

Madame, I hold you in awe

Maanskynrosie 39F
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6/15/2007 8:22 am

OMG...HOW hot was that..... SJeez u r excellent with this! I could actually imagine myself there.... WOW.... am suddenly thirsty!

rm_GB101000 55M
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7/24/2007 2:18 am

My God Nawty,

Your descriptions are pure ecstacy. Wish I was there to share.

rm_Pure_X_T_C 43M
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9/17/2007 11:51 pm

Very nice 0ty

rm_mileage98 41M
83 posts
3/28/2009 1:11 pm

More than a good writer - what an imagination - keep them coming....

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