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12/28/2005 4:56 pm

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Mental Image

I forgot to apologise to all about my lack of picture! I haven't really been able to upload any recently because my Australian camera doesn't seem to cooperate with the American PC!!

But I am going to just go to Target and get my photos put on a CD, so then I can upload them here for all you lovely people to see!

But for now I can only tell you how i look in words. I am now around 6"2-6"3 tall. I am slim, lightly toned! I have a light tan and a really weak one in some places. I have blue eyes that may or may not have a hint of green! My hair is a mix of brown with streaks of golden blonde! I have a ring in the upper ridge of my right ear!

I might not be much on the outside to lots of people, but on the inside I'm a really caring guy. I am sort of afraid to say this because I might be branded by people I don't even know!

I have unquestionable and absolute respect for women. I am not some guy that goes out and tries to pick up every weekend. I have had a girlfriend for over 2 years now and sadly it came to an end when she decided that us being apart like this was too much. But i maintain my respect for women. I'm not a "playa", i talk to women because they aren't that different from me.

Women always worry about how they look to others, worry if he/she thinks their skin is blotchy etc. I am a self-conscious guy, i worry about that all the time. I can relate to women on a level that majority of people would just disregard as being "gay" or something. But being able to understand, being able to relate, being able to listen and really hear the words...that makes me a good person.

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