An Increasing Problem  

naughtyakcouple 44M/40F
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7/24/2005 11:38 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

An Increasing Problem

This is something completely different than what I have been writing about.

Warning: This will NOT be dirty or x-rated. Sorry to burst your bubble guys and gals.

I need to bring to attention the whole having-a-kid-thing. Many of the people here at AdultFriendFinder swing and have children. Many of the singles or couples that are childless don't understand ANYTHING about it.

Explanation. I have children. They are my life. They are my world. In other words, my babies come first. NOT YOUR PENIS! People need to realize that just because my husband and I swing, that doesn't mean we can drop everything for your ass and go out with you and have some fun. OR have you come over and make whoopee.

When I'm online I get this over and over again from mostly single guys - but sometimes couples (childless ones) as well.

The thing is, it's hard to get a sitter and in this day and age you cannot trust just anyone with your own kids.

We can't and won't drop everything we are doing when someone says "let's meet!" We have a life. There are priorities. Sex is a lot of fun, but our entire world does NOT revolve around 'doing it'.

So please, next time you are chatting with or getting to know someone who is interested in you - and they have children - respect them. Understand that they will not put you first (unless they are shitty parents, then they may). If you do this, I can absolutely guarantee that you will be successful with them in swinging.

And if and when you have kids of your own someday - you'll finally understand.

redmustang91 58M  
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7/24/2005 12:37 pm

Well said. No respect for others = no nookie!

rm_xratedsugar 35F

7/24/2005 1:05 pm

True That-True That!

chipper61334 54M/39F
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7/24/2005 6:04 pm

good for you! my wife and i have 5 children between us and we are new to this. we have to plan far in advance to meet anyone and most want to meet the up coming weekend that may only be 2 days away. Sorry, but our kids and personal life come first. If we are in need of good sex right away, we will wait until the kids go to bed and just spend the time together. We do have a great sex life together too! Jeff and Melissa

rubby68 49F

7/24/2005 6:32 pm

Ohh god i could't have said it better myself congradulations..Job very well done
Christine xo

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7/25/2005 4:21 pm

My g/f and I have come to realize that many of our friends who do not have children, just cannot understand the time, focus and especially the "extended boundaries" that come with that part of a family. As for the "compulsively self-centered kid-free people" out there (who most likely fired you up enough to make your initial post) . . . all I can say is try not to let them upset you; they're NEVER going to have a clue about the priorities of which you speak.

Gosh, it does feel weird posting something without any sexual content, but the same stuff has been in my face lately and it feels good to rant, doesn't it?

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