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9/11/2006 9:42 pm

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Confidence.... interesting to think about. I am finding that some people on this site lack confidence. You decide to chat with someone and inevitably the question comes up do you have a picture. Well of course people have pictures why wouldn't they. And they you decide do I send the picture or not. The game begins then.. I am not send you a picture until I get one of yours. And then the struggle begins. Why? Confidence. People are afraid that others will not find them attractive. And I can understand why. There are many people who do not have the good graces to say the are not attracted to you and just disappear and end the conversation. I call this rudeness.

On the flip side there are the people who send the picture then say do you like it? What does it matter I say. You see the confidence in the other person waver. Let me tell you a little secret confidence makes the difference. You don't have to be the drop dead gorgeous person everyone wishes they could be. You can just be your unique self. But un-confident people are less attractive.

Well that is my opinion - look around and see if you think you agree.

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