Sex in strange places pt:2  

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3/14/2006 11:09 am
Sex in strange places pt:2

Now where was i ? of course, I was talking about my love of sex in strange places.

I remember the best being in a toilet, a public toilet. And the best time in a public toilet has to be with 3 men.

I had already tried sex in a toilet, but had only got a blow job. Now it was time to try again. I went to said toilet again, this time with another man, he was particularly horny and loved the idea of 'taking' me there. i felt so naughty I remember my legs feeling really weak at the idea, butterflies in my stomach, just so horny. I was taken down to the toilets and led into a cubicle, I felt so horny. He took the lead totally, i said nothing to him as the feeling of expecation had taken me over, i was speachless. I went into the cubicle first and he locked the door. As he turned round he asked me gentle if I would like to go all the way and I nodded. he came close and kissed me gentle on the neck, I slid my hands down his back and [pulled him close, feeling his penis push up against me. My hand now went round his front, touching his warm, flat stomach and slowly my fingers worked their way down his jeans and over his zipper. he was already erect and I, well i was in a bit of a state by now, almost overcome. I pulled away from his gentle kissing and undid his flies, looking at him, waiting for an invitation to carry on. his hands started to go up my top and I let him carry on. his hands carried on up, under my top, under my silk cami (which he seemed to like ! and over my chest. He slipped his finger inside my bra and i melted to the touch. I do so love my chest being touched. his other hand slid up my back, noew supporting my weight as I felt so faint.

His touch was pulsation through me and I started to kneel in front of him. I worked my way down his fornt kissing his exceptional chest and torso working of his jeans, down to his penis. My lips had been wanting hios for a while, I took him deep into my mouth, gently stroking him with my lips. My hand worked around back up his chest and around to his bottom. Pulling him closer I took him deeper still, breathing in and out, working my way down his now very hard penis. Looking up i could see him closing his eyes and he started to sigh. I worked harder and harder kissing him all love his penis making it moister and moister. i had already started to touch myself and was starting to pant.

Without realising it we were making quite alot of noise and we were not alone. This has happened to me before, but this time the person watching was in the nest cubicle, I could hear them taking and it was now obvious that two emn were listening. I carried on and both of us wanted it even more badly, knowing we had company.

Now I wanted to be fucked.

I pulled away from him and sat onto the toilet seat, pulling down my trousers and touching myself again trough my black lacy g-string, rubbing down my thighs over the lacy at the top of my stockings. I took my touseres and handed them to him, he looked at me. I spread my legs and hoisted them into the air, resting one on the loo holder. He needed no more invertation. He took out a condom and Ihelped him put it on, within seconds he was inside me, DEEP inside me. He thrusted right down, slowly but surely, gentley getting deeper and deeper.

I was now swimming in extacsy, i wanted this so much and now, finally, he was inside me, it felt so good, I was his little plaything, like a virgin being fucked for the very first time. My head went back and I looked up.

Two heads looked back over the cubicle wall !

I looked at my man, he looked at me and we both looked up. We looked at each other and both thought 'that the heck, carry on'.

He looked straight at me and thrust really deep, he wanted to fuck me and I was going to let him. Again he pulled out slwoly and thrust deep again......and again....and again..and again, again, again, getting faster and faster. I grabbed hold of him, pulling him deeper, 'fuck me' I thought and then started to screem, fuuuuuck mmmme !

I so wanted it and now i started to want it even more, not just off him, but more. I looked up and smiled and the two guys watching. Could I ? What do you think ? ohh yes I could. My man was looking at me and he realised. He thrusted deeper, fucking me faster and then withdrew.

'I'll watch the door'

He left me quickly, to be replaced by the other two guys ! (my guy was standing in front of main door, stopping it open). I was qucikly fucked and spit roasted again and again, while my guy watched. Me must have been in there for ages, the excitment was just too much, I came twice, i just could not control myself. I remember only the start the end was so quick and frantic and was filled with so much emotion and fear (good fear) that I can only look back and think how great it was.

I must go now as I have to have a play ! I'll tell more, maybe tomorrow

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