Pettiecoats and Pectorals - pt:4 - REBORN  

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6/22/2006 1:07 pm
Pettiecoats and Pectorals - pt:4 - REBORN

It was with great reluctence that I bid my early adulthood goodbye. I had done a lot. I had been through college, doing the student thing with great gusto and had come out of it all fairly sane. But there was one thing that I couldn't shake, my love of all things female. My early experiances with men were very one sided, I was taken advantage of (in a nice way) and still felt that it was all part of a confused adolesence. I liked women and liked being around women, but (more importantly) I hadn't FELT LIKE a woman for years. I was normal, I was a boy who used to like dressing up as a girl, but now I was a man. Surely as a man I would now go and find myself a wife, settle down, have kids and look back and laugh at all the silly things I had done as a kid.


It all started again when I was 23, I was walking home after a night out and passed a local charity shop. Outside the closed shop was a bundle of womans clothes that had been left for the shop to pick up in the morning. The clothes had come out of the bag. Skirts, blouses and ,most importantly, pettiecoats were all over the pavement. I had a look and then picked up a pettiecoat. Looking around I could not see anyone, so I walked away with the pettiecoat. Getting home I went to my room and began to undress, I was erect already, had been now for the entire walk home. I slipped on the pettiecoat, sliding it slowly up my legs and over my bottom, it felt great. I just stood there, swaying, feeling the fabric glide over my legs and bottom. My ercet penis was touching the front, forcing the pettiecoat to snag and force its way over it. I came almost imediately.

Over the next couple of months I started to go back past that shop again and again, picking up more and more clothes. Skirts, dresses, tights, suspender belts and more pettiecoats were now mine to wear. The nights were fantastic, I would ache to leave the pub, and my unknowing friends, to get back home to my secret world. I felt like a woman, no sorry, like a girl again. It had been years since I felt like this and it felt good. I still had relationships with woman, still enjoyed the chase of picking up a girl at a nightclub, still loved the sex, but in the back of my mind was always those nights alone, wanting to try on more and more.

In my childhood I had enjoyed dressing up as a girl, but not like this. This was now even more satisfiing, more sensual/sexual and much more fullfilling. What I have explained before, about me and my strange (to some) ways, is that I just enjoy the feeling of womanhood. I can be with, or dress as a woman, getting totally different kicks, but with the same result, I feel great. It was now that I started to see where this secret life was going, I could rationalise it in my head. I was a guy, I was a guy who liked women, but I was ALSO a guy who like dressing up as a woman. I realised that I shouldn't feel guilt and should not feel any remorse about what I was doing, I just enjoyed putting on womens clothes.

I remember vividly the first time I went the whole way, dressing up from underware to top garments. It was so exciting. I managed to pluck up the courage to buy some panties, bra, stockings and camisole. Took them home and tried them on. I slipped the panties on gently, guiding them up my lower legs then thighs, fitting them snuggly on my bum. Then came the suspender belt I had for a while and then the bra, a bit tight but reasuringly so. Then the stockings, I LOVED THE STOCKINGS. The feeling of the suspenders straining over my bottom and thighs was sensational. Then the cami and pettiecoat and finally a knee length dress, that buttoned up at the front. By now I was really finding it hard to restrain myself, I was so sexually charged that one touch and I would have come. But I held that moment, realising that this is that I had wanted for years. IT FELT SO GOOD. I FELT SO GOOD and I believed I LOOKED SO GOOD. I didn't, back then, I didn't know what to and what not to wear (I do now and can look very convincing - but thats not the point, that is more of a thing with me. I do like to look good). The most important thing is that I had found myself, I knew what I wanted and felt good about it.

There was no way I was going to tell my mates about it ! F**K OFF ! that would have been a disaster, no, no, no. It was still my secret and I would always want to keep it that way. The next few months were heaven, its was not until a little later that I ralised that I was starting to want more, much more.

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