Feeling naughty again  

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3/9/2006 2:28 am

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Feeling naughty again

Yesterday I started my blog, raising the question of women - what makes them special ? This is mainly because recently I have been feeling very horny. I wanted to express what it feels like to touch, smell, taste a woman. To dress as a woman, to feel like a woman. I haven't really even touched close to the subject and will go back to it. But, in the mean time, I just had to talk about why I have been feeling so horny all week.

I seem to be waking up feeling really naughty. I'm not just talking slightly naughty, I'm talking about an itch that just won't go away. I have had my shower and just touching myself is really turning me on ! I am a very tactile person and recently went through a few sexual experiances that were very liberating. The memory of last week must still be in me.

Last week:

Last Thursday was a quite special day. I got dressed as normal, but felt a bit naughty so I had a little play between my legs. Just gently touching, a little stroking. I was going to get my vibrator out, but instead got undressed and lay back on the bed just gentle touching myself, dreaming of groups, couples, women, men. I ended up feeling so horny that I arranged a meet with a couple on a website. For the meet I decided to dress up a bit sexy, as I always do. I have some really nice underware that I bought myself recently, I love wearing it as it makes me feel so sexy. It's just a nice set of pink silk panties and cami with lacy trim, a little bra and some black suspenders with black stockings. Quite simple really, but soooo sexy. I got dressed and went out, thinking about meeting this couple. We met in a pub and it was not a man and woman, but two men. He were both quite safe and gave me no cuse for concern, so I thought 'go with it'. I know this is bad (I do have another half) but I do it once in a while, kinda blind shag, sort of thing. Ayway they seemd really nice so after a couple of drinks I was begining to really relax. It was my idea to forget going back to their's, why don't we take it in turns in the toilet ! I love risky sex. But this all seemed too risky for them, so we decamped to their place. This is where the fun started.

We got back and they poured me a drink, but I felt so horny by now that I didn't really taste it, as we sat down I stroked my thigh and parted my legs. They both joined in straight away. One kissed me, while he unbotton my jeans, putting his hand down my knickers. The other kissed my neck and put his hand up my top and fondled my chest. What I didn't realise was another two guys had come in ! I was startled at first and we stoped, explained, and all seemed a bit tense. I started to rebotton myself and was going to leave, but the new two seemed quite friendly. So we 5 all chatted a bit more, until one of the original guys started kissing me again. It was such a deep, lingering kiss, really warm and sensual, his hand moving down my neck, over my chest and up my top again. I could feel hands on the buttons of my jeans again and let them dissapear down my panties. I had my eyes closed, taking in the wonderful attention, as I opened them the other two guys were standing close, watching, I though 'what the eh..let them join in'. So I asked one over and touched his bulge. The other came round the other side and striped off his jeans. I was kissed again and lay back again closing my eyes. I could feel two sets of hands up my top and another down my knickers. My jeans and knickers then started to slide off so I broke off from the kiss and help them take them off. I noticed that the two guys to the side of me both had thier dicks out so, naturally, I brought them both close and started to suck. I used to suck my thumb until quite a late age, I think I have always enjoyed sucking and sucking these two was a pleasure. Meanwhile down below a tounge and a finger were sending waves through my body and my nipples were being sucked. After a while I so wanted full on sex that I had to break off, and take my top, bra and cami off. Asking the open question to all of them 'please fuck me' I was told to lie back again and my legs were pulled apart and up as one entered me, I sucked one other and the other two caressed my body. I was soon turned over, bent over the sofa and fucked doggy by one and then another, then I was taken onto the floor bent over again and fucked doggy while sucking off two of them. One of them came, so another carried on, while another came in front of me. I was left with just two for about half an hour and the sex was amazing, it was quite rough with four, but now it got quite sensual. I gentley took both inside me in various ways until I had cum for the second time and just one was left. He actually never came, as it goes (just remembered that - poor love).

Anyway that was my lucky Thursday. Now you can see why I have been feeling horny ever since (i must get hold of that guy again - finish him off). I LOVE group sex and that is the most I have down it with. I was a bit sore, but it was so worthwhile and I think I have been horny ever since.

hotguy12178 40M
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3/10/2006 2:54 am

hey sweets ur story just turned me on i cant tell u how much i enjoyed it... i am coming to london in april 7-12annd would like to see u ... are u up for some fun..., write back so i can schedule for us to meet up girl

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