' Yes, I'll try anything once me'  

naughi 45F
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5/19/2006 1:58 am
' Yes, I'll try anything once me'


Some of the profiles you read say 'I'll try anthing once' and list all the different catagories and sexual activities. So you drop them a line, being abit, not totally, but a bit kinky yourself. Then you get an e-mail back saying sorry only do this or that ! If, as you say, you will try anthing once, then why don't you ? IF I WANTED TO TRY TO FUCK THE VICAR'S WIFE THEN I WOULD. It really anoys me that some people think they are so up for this thing and they are so plainly not. Most who say they will do anything, you read the write up's in their profile and (what a suprise ?) all the testemonies say 'can't wait to meet' or 'looking forward to meeting' Which means that they are a tease who hasn't actually met anyone yet !

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