Older Women: Love Them Or Leave Them To Me  

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3/26/2006 1:21 pm

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Older Women: Love Them Or Leave Them To Me

I suppose I should start this post by saying that while I prefer an older woman, that doesn't mean older women is all I'm interested in. The reality is I love all women and I love them in all shapes and sizes. The "right one" may not necessarily be older than me, but it's certainly possible and this post will explain why.

It's no secret that I've always been attracted to women who were older than me, if you've read my profile you probably already know at least one reason why. For those of you who haven't, I lost my virginity to my babysitter who was 5 years older than me. I was pretty developed at 13 and in no way did she take advantage of me, in fact if anything, it was the other way around.

While I didn't really understand I was flirting with her in that way, now that I look back on it, I really was and she just took it to the next level. She was gorgeous too, a cheerleader and homecoming queen, who to this day turns me on when I think about her. The ego boost I got out of that short relationship, was something I think every kid should have in his arsenal as he heads into the ravages of high school. It gave me a sense of self esteem and confidence I'm sure I wouldn't have had otherwise, if that relationship had not occurred.

So that was my first foray into what I discovered to be the wonderful world of older women. An adventure I choose to keep wandering in today without even giving it a second thought. The reasons why are quite clear to me, now perhaps I can enlighten others that haven't been so lucky as to experience an older woman for themselves.

The norm of society has always been that the man be older than the woman. This really only makes sense when you're young and women tend to mature more quickly than guys. It seems that by the time guys reach their mid 30's though, many tend to continue to gravitate again towards younger women. The only thing younger women have to offer these guys is a more naive' view of things and the fact they may still be impressed with their juvenile macho games and lame material possessions.

Some younger women believe (naively) they can somehow "fix" these guys and are intrigued by that possiblility, whereas women their own age (and older) have long since grown tired of that mentality and moved on in search of something more for their lives.

Men like to make up a lot of excuses for liking younger women, but the fact is (many times) that's the only ones they can find that are silly enough to find their personality appealing anymore. Most are well aware of the benefits that come with an older woman, they just can't seem to find any that are interested in them any longer. If they were once prey to the cougars, that mid 30's beer belly has put an end to all that action. So in desperation they go in search of someone that is willing to overlook all their personality flaws just to get a ride in their Porsche or 4 'buh' 4..

I for one, am happy these occurrences take place, because it leaves the pool well stocked for me. I have many friends that date younger women and they are almost always miserable in their relationships. Older women don't bring nearly as much drama (baggage) to a relationship and are more interested in exploring life than running a debate team. Odds are they have spent too much time arguing in previous relationships and have learned that this is not what they want.

You will almost always get more freedom, flexibility, loyalty and honesty in a relationship with an older woman and in turn that will make you feel more secure. Women (unlike men) learn from their mistakes and are not nearly as apt to repeat them or put themselves in a situation they didn't enjoy before. Most older women have been cheated on at some time or another as well and they remember what that felt like. Because of this, the odds of them causing you to feel like that are very slim.

Many younger women bring with them a variety of problems to a relationship, especially if the guy has any insecurities whatsoever. First of all, ya gotta figure if you thought she was hot, so does pretty much everyone else. I don't care how nice your car is, there's always someone out there that has a better one. So if that's what attracted her to you in the first place, what do you think will happen to her physiology when the next guy pulls up in a Ferrari?

Then you have the problem with whether you can trust your friends or not, because odds are they're all beer bellied horny toads looking for younger women too. Believe it or not they aren't that impressed with you at all, they figure if you could get her, so could they. All of this will lead to a lot of arguing which never deals with the issue at hand, which is that you are probably dating way out of your league and you both know it.

With older women you don't have a lot of these problems and you will find there is such a thing as communication. If they were drama queens they probably aren't anymore, that tends to run it's course. Most of them know what they want and are determined to get it. This means if they choose that it's you they want, you're going to have to work very pretty hard to screw things up. You won't find most older women sleeping with your best friend because you came home late from work (sound familiar?) or because you had a "boys night out". You're more likely to find her curled up on the couch with a good book than in your friends bed and if she tells you she's going to be working late, you can bet that's exactly what she's doing. Older women have a far keener sense of destiny than men, due in part to having born and raised children. They don't have the time or need for games anymore and would just rather enjoy life while they still can.

When it comes to "sex and the older woman" it's easily no contest in most cases. You might say that the average 25 year old has a much better ass, but odds are your dick isn't going to be allowed anywhere near it anyway, so what's your point. It's just window dressing on an otherwise shallow personality and while her boobs may be perky, I bet she can't get off while you suck on them. In fact if you are sucking them, she's probably wondering why you're wasting so much time doing that.

It's a scientific fact that many young women get "crows feet" (lines around the eyes) prematurely from doing all that squinting while saying "You want me to suck what?" Swallowing of course is out of the question, you'll be lucky if they're even talented enough to get you to that point.

Try bringing up mutual masturbation to your average 25 year old sometime and watch the shock as it comes across her face (this is also the only thing you're ever likely to see cum across her face). They will try to convince you that they don't even masturbate in private, say much less in front of someone. Toys?? They still think toys are for little kids and wouldn't know Ben Wah Balls from Ben Stillers balls, much less happen to have any items laying around for you both to play with.

A vibrator means a deep massage, a facial is only done in a salon and oral sex is something that is performed on them. They haven't had time to develop any fetish fantasies yet and if you want to tie one up they'll most likely be calling 911 on you. Multiple orgasms, to your average 25 year old, means that she came twice that year (probably by herself) and squirting is that nasty side effect of peeling an orange. Foreplay to them, is the name of a band and a threesome they figure might have something to do with golf.

The choice to me seems pretty clear, if you want excitement and security in all phases of a relationship, an older woman is almost many times your best bet. I've heard about some men on here getting upset with older women and wondering why they think they can get a younger guy. My thinking is, why would a younger guy question the benefits of being with an older woman and why in the world aren't younger men scooping up all the older women? Until that starts to happen I will be a very happy camper as I continue to enjoy the fishin' in this well stocked pond.

alliwantisubaybe 57F

3/29/2006 1:47 am

Brilliant and gorgeous...what more could a woman ask for? xxxxoooo Jeanne

naturalfoxes 52M
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3/31/2006 11:56 am

Thanks ladies, your responses are greatly appreciated..

angelsfire622 55F

4/9/2006 4:07 am

You are so sexy.........and right on it in my opinion.....may have to take a trip to Alaska -- have always wanted to And now all the more reason too xoxo Jeanette

ms2picky 55F

4/13/2006 7:58 pm

I can not agree with you more , and very well said.

chermyluv 62F

4/14/2006 9:04 pm

You are the first man that has even come close to the depth of a mature woman.Thank you so much for that .Wow a man I can look up to ..Lol

BlueEyez4u2u 49F

4/25/2006 7:51 pm

You hit the nail straight on the head, thank you for your wonderful thoughts...


red_hot_trucker 59F

5/25/2006 3:37 pm

Your post's are so delightfully entertaining. I can't remember when I laughted so hard. The crow's feet comment, as I glance at mine, is still having an effect on my stomach mucsles.

Thanks for the wink, you gave me a reason to check out your profile, thus going into your blog, and having my spirits lifted today.


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kj1753 63F
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6/2/2006 9:03 pm

I am very impressed with the indepth persuassion you make for the older woman. Finally a man who appreciates an older woman for all she is. We are indeed a rare gem to be appreciated for who we have become despite the men of this world looking at the barbie dolls. Men our age die sooner anyway & get way too crabby to put up with let alone get an erection out of. Why wouldn't an older woman want & desire a younger man? Seems common sense to me, giggles. Bring it on...........

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