Up late nothing to do except...  

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7/18/2006 11:19 pm

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Up late nothing to do except...

I am just up late. Listening to the tv with nothing too interesting on. And I look at the pictures on the screen. Wow that one looks hot, oh my that one needs some help, uh that one's ok...but I am just bored. I am looking for some fun. I kind of like being spontaneous once in awhile. Wanna read a story?...Too bad if your reading this your gonna read it anyway...right? Anyway...I have this younger sister and she is pretty much always wasted. A friend tells me that she was staying with for the time being. Then she continues to tell me that my sister ate her out with two over seas guys. My friend said she played along and let my sister do this to her because these guys looked like they could hurt her. Her opinion of them. While one watched the other was doggie style with my sister while my sister was eating her. Now for some freakish reason, I was getting interested in this story. Why?! I have no idea. Was it the fact of the whole sex issue? For sure it WAS NOT BECAUSE OF MY SISTER only the act she was uh? performing?...Well has anyone ever been in this kind of...situation? For me it blew me away. Well thank you to whoever reads this and have a great night.~NativeEagleNest

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