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RE: Ultimatum

My email to him:

As much as you hate ultimatums, here's the last one. You have until Monday to decide whether or not you are coming to Vegas. If you decide to come back, you have a month exactly to get your shit together and head out here. I can't stay stuck waiting for you, I won't move forward looking back. I love you, but I can't keep waiting for you. And to point out, if you decide to stay there, it will be a long time before you can visit the kids here because it'll be awhile before I get over the hurt enough to see you.

I love you

His email to me:

Hi. How are you doing if you loved me so much then you would have come back here to be with me i am not saying that you dont love me but i wanted you to come back here but you said no. i cant go back there yet and you know the
reason why my children mean a lot to me but i will see them whenever you are ready to let me. i am not going to fight with you anymore it was happening too much when we were together and now that we are not i dont want to do it anymore. I am so sorry for the hurt that you are feeling right now and i wish that i could change it for you but in order for me to make it better i
have to pretty much tell a little boy to bad and i am not going to do that. I think that if you really wanted me back then you would have moved back here and dealt with the fact that joshua is mine and tried to accept him as a part of my family. iI am going to be a father to him just like i am going to be a father to [our kids]. I would like to be a part of your life but not at what you are asking me to do. I am not going to leave joshua behind anymore. I am sorry that you are not willing to accept that but when you do then maybe you will feel better about what is going on and then we can talk and figure things out. I really do care about you guys and i really do want to see you and i hope that i will at least see the kids some time soon. I love you guys. Rick

I've asked our friends and family. Everyone confirms that we really weren't fighting that much. Some people are even surpised that I'm filing for divorce because they said we seemed like we realy loved each other. If we fought a lot in New Hampshire, could it be because I was uber-pregnant and depressed? So what do I do now?

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