Birthday Wish Number 1, Part 2  

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9/9/2005 12:38 pm

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Birthday Wish Number 1, Part 2

As promised in a previous blog, I am taking up some blog space to reveal one of my birthday wishes. And oh yes, there is no sex involved! That's a different birthday wish.

The limo driver escorts me to the limo waiting at the curb. He opens the door for me, and shuts it gently behind me. I am in awe of the velvet covered seats, and I take my time in exploring everything. There is a tv screen that has sattelite, a refrigerator filled with all sorts of drinks, and a large selection of DVDs to watch.

We arrive very quickly to our destination. The driver opens the door, and I find myself at the Bellagio. I step out of the limo, and my husband is at my side, helping me out. He is as handsome as I've ever seen him, wearing a well cut suit, freshly shaven and with a haircut of his own. He turns, tips the limo driver, and places my hand in the crook of his arm. As we walk through the casino, he tells me that the children are with my mother for the night and that there are still a few surprises left. In turn, I tell him about my 'spa experience'. He looks at me and says, "Elisa did a good job. And the dress is gorgeous. I knew you'd look good in it." I blush once more, and I am subtly aware of the other men staring and whistling softly.

We reach our destination. My husband managed to get us reservations into Picasso, a very classy restaurant. It is normally outside our affordable range, but then again, this entire enterprise is much more than we can afford. I don't say anything, as it is my birthday and he always promises something nice. He gives his name, and the host very quickly takes us to our private booth in the back. We have dinner, an exquisite affair of several courses. The meal ends with a small cake. It is chocolate with strawberry filling and cream cheese frosting. It is decorated with purple and blue sugar flowers and some beautiful lace work. I am absolutely amazed, my experience in the pastry shop of another casino tells me that this cake costs a pretty piece of cash. Again, I'm keeping my mouth shut about the expense.

We leave the restaurant, and he tells me he got us a suite for the night, overlooking the fountains. I squeal in delight as he leads me to our suite. The door closes, and we finally have a night alone without the kids.

Here's one birthday wish for me. Keep posted and see what other wishes I have.

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