nastydfwcouple 54M/57F
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6/14/2006 8:08 am

What has happen here... gee ... I was looking through the topics...and gee what a bunch of SH*T.

1. Giving head> do women like giving head?
Hell yes! If the sex is great, hot, and nasty. I can do all the nasty little things and if it's not, then it's bang bang, see ya.

2, Bi, gay, She-males..straight> Why? How can you Tell if they are straight or bi...> Well if they are not borthing you> Then WHY do you care? gee. How do you know if they are bi or straight. Well! they need to be honest. Ask them. and if they make a play on your man.. If he like mine. He will feel the power of the fist and will be talking from the other end..

3.Bigger- smaller>Does size matter.Well hell yes! Most of us are size queens...once you have had 8,9,plus yes size matters...

4.Shaved or not shaved... shave it or trim... I just hate to gag on a hair, its a done deal when that happens..

5.Swallow, not swallow , does it have a taste or not... >> Well you are the only one! that knows, what you like to do. Taste,,, huh yes, it does some not good at all gag! gag!... Have a couple of shots of tequila and it's all good and you don't gag...

6. Nipple sucking , oral, analplay,>> Nipple play no! does not one thing for me. oral, mmmm let me ride your face. Anal... huh no! its a outy not a inny...

7.Fisting,, Does anal sex smell>>> WOW.... Fisting SICK!!! Anal sex Smell... huh well Sh*t? huh Sh*t do you get it....

Now for the best of best...
8. {{{ niceguy20402}}}Yes! we all have one,,, but some people talk out of them... A*s ooo you need to close it! I smell SH*T...

NOW I CAN REST MY STRESS IS BETTER>>>What Testing. did I miss it again.. HELL there goes the neighborhood.Testing ! @ # $ Hey! are you out there?{=}

rm_NTXplezer2 43M
3 posts
6/15/2006 1:31 pm

Well hell number 3 knocked me outta the boat. Aint is a crying shame all of us men cant be 8,9,plus inches. Although some women I know run when a guy that big shows up LOL. Guess to each their own.

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