Tuesday AfterNoon Thoughts  

nascarfan200469 49F
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8/15/2006 4:02 pm
Tuesday AfterNoon Thoughts

I am at home and its about 7 pm - you call and ask me "if I am lonely and longing for some attention ?" . I laugh and say " Baby , I am always lonely and longing for you !" You say " Good , I am on my way over. I am hot , sweaty and hungry for my baby."

I tell my family that your on your way here to prepare them cuz I plan on us showering together.
You show up afew mins later. I meet you in the parking lot. I cum to your car door , open it and attack you right there..

I kiss you as my hands find their way to your jeans , I unzip them and pull out your cock. I get on my knees outside the car door and start giving you head right there. You moan and fight so hard not to cum but my mouth drives you wild. You hold my head down and start fucking my mouth hard as you explode.

You grab my hair, pull me up and without warning kiss me deep and demanding not caring I just swallowed your juices. You tell me to get in the passenger side now ! I jump up and do as told. You raise my skirt up , as I lay with my pussy facing you. You bend down and start eating me out.

I moan and scream as you bite my clit. Making me squirt a couple of times. You lick up my juices that went to my ass as your fist works it way into my hot wet aching pussy. " OH MY , FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD BABY " , I scream as I cum so hard my body shakes.

We get out of your car and go into my place. Straight for the shower.


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