nascarfan200469 49F
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8/18/2006 2:31 pm

A Touch
A Kiss
A Moan
A Groan

You pull my hair to kiss me deep and demanding. I give in to your demands cuz you make me feel so good and wanted. You kiss , suck and bite my neck as your mouth makes it way to my neck. I moan your name as you mark me to show others that I belong to you....

I give in let you have your way with me. You smack my ass as your fucking my hot wet aching pussy doggie style. You cum so hard and deep in my pussy as I moan and explode with you..

As your laying there gathering your strength ITS MY TURN to have my way with you

I suck your cock even though you tell me not too - I know its sensitive but I love the taste of our juices mixed together - MMMMMMMMMMM BABY

Then after getting you hard again , I have you lay on your stomach. I lick , bite your ass cheeks before I run my tongue up and down your ass crack , teasing the hole as my tongue enters.
You moan. I tongue fuck your ass then I get on it , ride it with my hot wet pussy. I squirt all over your hot ass.

Then you roll over , pull me on top of you. Riding you with a soak pussy feels soooooooooo good. I cum a few more times before I raise up enough for your cock to slide up in my tight ass.
I ride up and down facing you , you slide your fingers inside my pussy. I feel your fist finding its way in to me. I scream as you and I explode once more together.



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