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8/18/2006 12:05 pm

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My sister just reminded me that yesterday was her birthday and it was also the very last time I ever saw her alive 17 yrs ago. She passed away in her sleep.

I remember it all , My mom, my kids and I went to see her. My youngest ( the one who hates me so now ) was only a little of a month old - My GRANDMOTHER's name sake. My youngest is named after myself and my GRANDMOTHER. My GRANDMOTHER looked at me and called me my mom and said " I am going home today." My mom patted her hand and said " yes mom , I know." And she went home to heaven and GOD where she could walk again and had no more pain..

I have been so worried about my loneliness and pain that a few guys have caused me that I forgot. I guess I miss my GRANDMOTHER so much that I haven't forgotten and its just I am so used to the pain of not having her here in my life.

I remember things she & I did when I was a kid. Even drove around the neighborhood she lived in the night before where she lived when she fell and broke her hip. Even went passed the Church she took me too - I remember crying to go when she didn't want to go but she gave in and took me - Now , if that isn't love then what is ?

This Poem is for my GRANDMOTHER - watching me down from heaven everyday :

"Missing You"

Everytime I see your picture
I think of the times we had
Times that was good & times that was bad
Memories seem to come so easy
I seem to know the answers
But, when I begin to speak
Tears fall
I try to hide my pain
Instead , it shows through the tears I shed
Suddenly , I feel a hand come up
You are there wiping the sadness away
I feel you by my side
shielding me from danger
Now I know that you are by me
With you I conquer pain
Because you really didn't die
You left my heart in my heart
And Your dreams & memories with me....


2daycowboywanted 46F

8/18/2006 1:22 pm

You are blessed to of known her. Be glad!

Until later

nascarfan200469 49F

8/18/2006 2:33 pm

I am - I only wished she was still around in person but I see her everyday in my mother.


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8/18/2006 3:11 pm

Very beautiful.Sounds like she was as special to you as mine was to me.

I lost my precious grandmother June 5, 1972. I had this special bond with her because my mother almost died many times when I was younger and lived alot with grandma.

The only time we were separated was when I went to Germany for 11 months with ex=husband in the army. I wrote every day.

I brought a grandson home to her and had two more. There wasnt I day that went by that if I couldnt see her I talked ot her on the phone. It took me many months to stop picking up the phone and dialing her number before I realized she wasnt there any more.

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