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8/20/2006 12:35 pm

Lay me back and kiss my body from my head to my wet aching hot spot. Kiss my inner thighs soft then gently then bite. Hear me moan your name as your tongue as it enters my hot spot. My hips buck up driving you deeper inside of me.

I grab your head as you make me squirt a few times. You then slide up to kiss me deeply and demanding sharing my juices with me. My legs wrap around your hips as your hard throbbing cock enters my hot wet spot.

You pump ever so slowly , taking me to the edge of PASSION. You bend down to kiss my throat to my nipples. I moan and cum more as your licking , sucking and biting each nipple making them ache.

You move off of me and lay on your back , bring me on top of you. I slide my hot spot onto your cock making myself cum a few more times. I then raise up , sliding my tight ass onto your hard throbbing cock. We both stop enjoying the feeling of the feel of it all.

I ride your hard throbbing cock , your grabbing each tit of mine like you own them. I moan your name as I feel your finger on my clit. You have me get up. YOu push me on all 4's. Slide your cock deep into my ass once more. Smacking my ass as you fuck it so hard and deep. You moan as you explode deep inside of my hot tight ass.

I fall to my stomach and you follow , keeping your cock in my ass. You finally move off of me and we lay side by side. Just talking then kissing til we get hot once more but go take a shower together.

"Good Luck and All my Best to All , Linda"

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