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9/5/2006 9:51 pm

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You cum over to see me one night. I am in my black nightie , I hear you knock on my window. I cum outside to meet you as you cum by the stairwell. You take me in your arms , kiss me deep and demanding as your hands roam on my ass , squeezing my ass cheeks showing them off for all to see if anyone was around - we didn't care. We only cared about each other.

We go into my place and I stop by the bathroom cuz I have to pee. I have you cum in with me. As I raise up my gown , you site on the toilet - You tell me to sit on you and pee. I have you stand up so I can take off your jeans. I suck your cock some as I finish pulling off your jeans. You moan my name as I suck hard as I jack you off in my mouth. You explode and watch me swallow it all.

Then you sit on the toilet with a semi - hard cock and I straddle you and pee on you. As I stop peeing , you pull me onto your cock.. I ride you on the toilet - squirting all over your cock. You hold onto me and some how you cum again this in my hot wet soaked pussy.

We get up and shower. In the shower , we wash each other off good. I get on my knees , wash your asshole really good. And in turn you wash mine really good.
We get out and go to my room - Once in there , we don't wait to dry off. You and I fall onto my bed. We kiss and touch. You growl as I put my ass up in the air.

You smack it and then kiss it. I have you lay with me but in a 69 position to lick and tongue each others asses. MMMMMMMMMM BABY , feel my tongue as I feel yours.
Then you hold me tight as we lay side by side making love through out the night.

rm_ultra2020 68M

9/5/2006 10:49 pm

hi time to wake up sweetheart i believe ur dreaming

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