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9/10/2006 1:42 pm

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9/27/2006 8:30 pm


Ok, I am really freaking out! Why is it that some of you become freaking stalkers after just one time? I mean my gosh at least pretend you have a life. This bit of driving by my house 24/7 has got to go. You know who you are. It's so sad that people can't just have fun and let it be that. Especially when I put it in my post that I want NO STRINGS! That means I do not want a relationship. I do not need a bodyguard following me watching every move I make. I am a grown woman and would really appreciate meeting a man who can be that- a MAN! Not some needy, emotional little piece of putty that needs molding and shaping. So Mr. X (You know who you are), get with the program! Stop circling around my house and job. Guys any suggestions as to what should be done in this situation? Any ideas would really be appreciated!!

rm_michaelmetal 43M
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9/10/2006 2:26 pm

tell him your pregnant or something that might work if not
get some one to kick his ass. i'll do it for a picture of you?

bengal21 54M

9/11/2006 10:10 am

I tend to agree with the get his ass kicked, but that doesn't deter some of them.
It'll probably hurt the discretion anonymity but call the cops.
Changing a number or e-mail fixes a few of the "leave me alone's"
but your case, you may not have an option...Moving isn't easy unless you want to move in here, j/k.
Seriously, call someone. His boss, G/F or wife if he has one or the police. Make his time as difficult as yours and he should get the message or arrested one.
Put his name out to yournetwork and we can all harass
G/L and be careful.

thick_and_juicy 47M

9/25/2006 8:16 pm

You guys placing the comments and suggestions don't understand. That's how ALL of these stupid, low-life, loser Mexican pricks are down here in the Valley. Don't worry hun, I'm hispanic myself and from down here. I just say it the way it truly is! I'd love to fuck this loser up just for the fun of releasing the anger I get over these stupid pricks down here. No Charge! I can hide my identity as the good old special forces taught me... lol No, I'm not psycho, just tired of these wanna-be mexican jerks down here too! Puros Pendejos... wimps!

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