Submissive Fantasy  

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7/21/2005 5:23 pm

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Submissive Fantasy

I orginally wrote this for the New Jax Group 3 but I want one place to keep all my stories so I'm gonna post it here.

I dream about being collared, tied with my hands behind me, wearing a sweet heart style black corset and a loose ribbon skirt with no panties but true stockings. A man whips me with an medium flogger, sometimes pausing to whisper all kinds of naughty things to me... once I'm totally sub his slave comes in she pinches my nipples, plays with my clit while he finishes me off with a rabbit flogger now he closes in on me, pressing against me, holding my neck... she's giving me head and he's grinding me from behind telling me what he's gonna make me do to her .... I cum and cum and cum, they take me down, lock me in a small dark room no bigger than a walk in closet... when I wake up he's there holding my leash I crawl after him to their bed... he commands me... I make her cum and cum and cum then he locks me to the bottom of the bed so I can see but where I can't touch myself while he starts in on her.... much later they go to sleep ... she wakes in the night and in absolute silence slips off the bed, now she's so aggressive, pulling my hair, grinding her pussy into my mouth, in a deathly quiet I make her cum... she pulls away kissing herself threw me licking her own juices from my face.... fingering me biting my neck licking my nipples sliding her tongue over my belly, sucking my box licking with that pierced tongue, sliding her fingers in and out of my pussy, gently slipping one finger in my bum... till I pass out from pleasure....

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