Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!!  

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7/24/2005 6:04 pm

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Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!!

Rofl I always liked saying that. So its another sunday night and the weekend is almost over. Today was hot again but for the most part I stayed in the basement and watched the Tribe play.
I know not very interesting but hey they won so thats a plus. My weekend was pretty boring, I know its my fault but still not much going on. Sat around swam a little bit and got a letter from the city inspector. It seems that he had nothing better to do then make me work on my off days over simple stuff yes but still it irks me.
He wants me to do all sorts of dumb stuff like fix my sidewalk its a "1/4 inch below city code, paint a bit and some other odds and ends.
Now I dont think my house is bad of course its not great either but the fact that the gov has entered our back yards our lives and make choices about how we live is really annoying to me.
Yes I could understand if it was a mess but its not its just some basic stuff that I would have taken care of anyway if it wasnt so gosh darn hot outside that you cant shower without breaking out in a sweat.
The gov has become a bunch of leaches taxing us to death to pay for people to cite us for possible problems to pay for their jobs. Yes not all gov workers are that way but Im truly getting sick of it.
33% of what I make goes to fed/city/local and then another 10% after that to buy something?? All so we can have politicians working and giving themselves raises off the backs of us the working person.
Sorry to vent but the founding fathers of this great country of ours never intended for us to give up 40%+ of our pay to help fund politicians.
This country was built to stop repressive taxes and give people freedom. Boston Tea party anyone?

I'll stop now or big brother will probably flag me and you will never hear from me again.
Peace, Love and God Bless.

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