What happened to cuddling?  

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4/7/2005 6:07 pm

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What happened to cuddling?

Some would expect this type of activity to be a rough and tough, wham bam thank-you ma'am sort of thing. It's true, a lot of it is. However, just because someone isn't necessarily looking for a relationship doesn't mean that two people can't enjoy the warm sensual aftermath of a wonderful experience. Reaching orgasam for both people involved is a great experience, and yeilds immense pleasure, that's a given. But so many are afraid of the time just afterward...laying next to each other, vulnerable and exhausted and feeling great. It's a whole other level of pleasure, which is, in the end, what we're all after isn't it? Laying next to each other, naked and satisfied, staring into each others eyes and gently caressing each other, thinking of the great time which was just had. This doesn't mean all of the sudden "hey, we're a couple!!"...rather it is a form of confirmation, satisfaction and happiness shared between two people. The rules were laid out before any contact, friends, no-strings, no relationships...etc, you've heard them all. So if that's the agreement, why are so many scared to simply enjoy the moments after sex?

I may be an unusual male, and I may be wrong in this line of thought, but I understand that most women enjoy that touch and warmth after sex. I know as a man, I'll admit that I do as well. It shouldn't be just cold and mechanical, it can be so much more so long as both parties still understand what the bottom line is. Many times it serves to turn both parties on again and again, and making each consecutive experience of the night even more intense. It can take the night to a whole new level, if both parties can trust the fact that they know the limits of the relationship.

These are just a few of my thoughts I had to get off my chest...I'll get off my soapbox now. LOL

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