What Body Type Do You Like  

n3w_things 33M
7/13/2006 7:36 am
What Body Type Do You Like

I wanted to see what body type you look far in a partner.

Personally I love the looks of a nice athletic body, but I also like people to have a little bit of extra fat on them (a little extra padding).
The extra padding is great to hold onto especially when cuddling, but a nice cut, athletic build is great to look at.

How do you like yours?
I like to see their bones.
A nice thin person is attractive.
I just like the nice average person.
I love the looks of an athletic body.
I enjoy my mate to have a little extra padding.
My partner is nice and ample.
mmm mmm mmmmm I love the large ladies.
Hell, I dont care what they look like.

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