Till the dawn  

mystryman1976 51M
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6/6/2006 8:32 pm
Till the dawn

i can see the night closing in
it's almost time to dream again
will you be by my side tonite?

so as i lay down my head
things turn to the rosey red.

i see your hair blow in the wind
i feel your touch upon my skin
my heart begins to beat real fast
"oh please" i cry, "lets make it last'
"i have all night to be with you"
you wisper soft into my ear

it's almost time for me to wake
i roll over and kiss your face
i reach for you to grab ahold
"oh please, oh please, don't go."
"i'm only yours till the dawn"
"it's time i go, i must move on"

so where do you go when i wake?
do you go back to your human state?
am i a dream to you? i think
i wake up yawn, and take a drink
a smile moves across my face
is this what you do when you wake?


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