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3/1/2006 10:02 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


One Night Stand - Whoever thought of this word, can someone tell me? Rated both good and bad, depending on each individual's interpretation and, of course, experience, because without the latter, sex would be pointless? Then again, I confuse myself with the term pointless sex, equate it with this post and the summation would be? Absolutely pathetic. *LOL*

So many words come to mind - but mostly associated with bad, negative "vibes" to a point where I realise that such a simple, apparently harmless three-letter word can be quite so damaging, if you allow yourself to be overwhelmed and succumbed by this innocent term.
Girls who "practise" it, are deemed whores, given that "you deserved it" queer eye and *hush-hush* never tell anyone because it's down right shameful, degrading and maybe de-humanising.
I ask myself, are there people out there, of the female species - who like, indulge, don't really mind this lifestyle and feel totally empowering the morning after or perhaps there are those who discreetly, quietly yearn for this all-time sultry, seductive encounter or more sophisticatedly labelled, myterious rendezvous? But are too shy, conscious to admit and fall for this sort of enjoyment?

Men, I would think, almost all, willingly commit/associate themselves to/with women whom, af first, will probably be defined as almost angelic (but in layman's everyday definition, "open-minded", "adventurous", "fun" women) and then, after committing the "act" of one night stand, these women are automatically shrinked into sluts, low-life immoral beings, well...basically, whores, ahhh...all kinds of terms imaginable.

If you've read till this part and clearly understood what I've said, well then, good on you! Because I am getting quite emotional at this point already.

I speak for myself, here in my blog. And, I regard this term with utmost dislike and regret.
Fact of the matter is, it takes two to tango, and in one night stands, there is mutual attraction that either sizzles out fast or builds anticipation when the "sharing-caring fun" is over.

The point I am trying to make here is...
I've discovered (quite shockingly, sad as it is) that I do not possess the innate qualities to classify myself as a one night stand chick. *LOL*
It is amazing, I thought I had it in me all this while, it's so disappointing, really. And, I honestly do not mind baring this humiliation to you sex addicts(or not) here in AdultFriendFinder.
There, so now you all know what I am made of.

I respect those, especially of my own kind - females who have multiple ONS and engage in them without a care in the world, I envy you. I am jealous of your sexual liberation and attitude toward sex without strings AT ALL attached, nothing attached, nada, nada, nil. Remarkable, and I am not even being sarcastic.

It dawned upon me, one fine day, that I am not as happening as I should be? What the f**k is this revelation anyway? No,I am not on drugs or anything close to type away my two-cents worth here. I doubt anyone would want to read anything so pointless and dreadfully long like this, maybe even Zzzz...in the process or thinking "What is she driving at here...?" "Has mystic gone mad??"
I hear you asking, "Then why is she here in AdultFriendFinder?"
It is ADULT!

This playground is not for the faint at heart. Play with caution. Come undone.

I've to shortlist potential candidates now, most likely NONE from men seeking "open minded" females after reading what I've said.
I'm not about to vanish completely though, I still want to play, so "come out, come out wherever you are..."
I only want men who are mature and intellingent enough to know HOW to appreciate women, not sluts, whores, fuck chicks.

Basically, please go sod off elsewhere?

rm_Fastsex33 43M
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3/2/2006 6:41 am

Hi Mystic, I hear you right!.... I do respect womens and agree with you totally. ONS are about sharing excitement/joy/fun/ and .... (you know it well) and it is mutual understanding and NO STRING attached after that.... and it depend on individual... if you like the way the partner treat you maybe both can go for second round and later on both might get attached.... that is purely individual need.

Dun be moody as we can't control how other person behave or how they structure their mind... so just be yourself.. go for what you think it is right.

Take life easy and enjoy what is there infront of you

Luvwetcunt1000 50M
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3/2/2006 11:04 pm

I've had such people approach me before. Never took up their offer (scared shitless was one reason!) cause I would prefer to be in bed with someone I know and who I'm comfortable with.

I have to admit, though, the fact of having sex with a ONS appeals to many because of the mystery and excitement most of all. I guess people do it for a variety of reasons - trying to break free from a regular, boring, stressful family life, or perhaps as an emotional release especially after an ugly breakup, (linked to social pressure I guess). Wherever I come across such people (whether guys or gals) I think I judge them by the way they dress, talk, and especially how they behave. I wouldn't just call every ONS a "slut" or "Blind-Cock" (a term someone gave to one of my colleagues whose only mission in life seemed to be to fuck every woman alive!). Some of ONS that I've known (colleagues) came from broken homes so they did it as a desperate means to cover up their pain. It's something like people who drink or smoke excessively or take drugs.

Sorry I may not be making sense here but on the whole, I think it boils down to individual perspective again. It's like "Friends With Benefits" or couples who swing. Some people feel the need to express themselves sexually, some want to explore their sexuality, some view sex as art ... the list goes on and on. Think of it; it's just as varied as everything else that humans do. We have different views when it comes to food, fashion, music, etc.

I prefer that idea of FWB. To me, it's not the same as ONS. FWB is friends who are willing to satisfy each others' sexual needs without being romantically attracted. Animal instincts, if you like to call it that. Have you ever heard a guy/girl say to you they were so frustrated cause they haven't got laid for a long time? I've heard it equally often from both sexes. ONS can be a total stranger, and sex with a stranger is high risks for both sexes.

Sorry bout the long comment. Just my two cents worth!
It's just my view point anyway so I hope it doesn't offend anyone.

rm_TopsyTurvy69 53M
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3/4/2006 12:22 am

Your jealousy is quite unecessary coz ONS, despite what you read about or observe from a distance, is actually pretty empty suff, leaving you bored in no time.
Most do it just to keep scores, count trophies n stroke fragile egos.
Moral judgements n implications aside, it's just... touch n go, going through the motions of it, methodical, mechanical, emotionally devoid. It takes a toll on you after a while, no matter who you think you are.
Without the human connection, sexual encounters no matter how titilating initially, is just not satisfying enough after the routine huffing n puffing. It's the slice of fresh lemon that brings out the taste of Perrier, is it not?

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