Knowing the mystic  

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3/16/2006 8:54 pm

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Knowing the mystic

Finally, some time to mess my head a bit with this blog writing. Still deciding on a theme here...hmmmmm....

I took a sneak-peek on what others were musing about on their blog-page and found it really,...nice. I mean this well, not being critical at all. Feels good to know that SO many people out there actually enjoy sex and fashionably express it, without any inhibitions whatsoever. Makes me think and also question, just how similar we all are or not?
We're all here for a reason (but let's not get into this boring shite) - craving sexual attention, whetting our desires and needs. Ok, maybe not "craving" for sex itself (for some) but definitely attention, the need to be wanted and needed.

For me, I love attention. Good happy ones, of course, not unwanted attention. DUhh! A close guy friend once asked me why was it that he felt so empty and lost after his r/ship ended, he felt cheated, used and exploited to a certain extent. All this (sadness and misery) coming from a guy who has everything going for him, gorgeous guy, who has often complained that girls don't consider him being serious in a r/ship - the combination of pure love and sexual lust in a r/ship don't mix well together. Or does it? Well, unfortunately not for him.

So, in my totally un-professional aunt agony attempt, I told him he missed the "feeling", the special attention. For me, knowing that someone is thinking about me, wondering and missing me, actually makes ME feel good! It's only human in anything, everything. Being needed and wanted by someone is a powerful feeling, especially and ONLY if you feel the same, of course!! Very dangerous if otherwise. Wanted versus UN-wanted attention, very VERY different and separate "feeling" altogether.
It's like eeeky-ness vs. aaahhhh-mmmmm....
*batting my eyelashes*

Some person once told me, if you need MORE than you love someone, then it's not love. At the time, I thought to myself,"OK, does that mean I should love him more than need him or....?"
Stupid little things like this, I cannot care about anymore.

Love. Another person told me, a long time ago about this four-letter-word,"You'll find it when you least expect it". A bit too far-fetched I think, almost like in Barbara Cartland's or M&B's books on young adult love-lust fantasies. Fantasies that appeal to adolescents, but definitely not to yours truly here. Mind you, I'm not a pessimist on such things. I think it's more about being yourself, knowing what and who you are. It's important. Then, you'll somehow in some mystical manner land yourself with someone you love or lust, both, whichever way (the both part is the best!).
Maybe I'm wrong or naive to think this.

What I am, what I want, don't want, need, don't need, feel and don't goes on. Knowing myself. Funny, almost sad but true - the only thing that draws me back to AdultFriendFinder and writing here is because, I discover a little something about myself each time, in a way that I never would've realised.

Reading other ppl's blog entries, going to chatrooms (just recently) and even reading member profiles are fairly interesting. Maybe it's just me, maybe it's stupid, I don't know but how people here choose to represent themselves with words, tells me something about the stranger. A glimpse as to who he/she is, could be in person, things like that y'know....
Discovering so many different personalities out there is, for me, the funnest part of being here, in AdultFriendFinder.

Paulsqrt 31M

3/16/2006 9:22 pm

Hay want to talk? Send me a message.

mysticmonty 42F

3/17/2006 7:50 pm

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3/18/2006 11:15 pm

hmm... Love it is an easy 4 letter words but the meaning are way more deeper and complicated. lots of saying... it is up to the person how he/she wan it to be....
Blog here .. especially yours are funny and interesting... like the way u put things and how u view it...
keep it up...

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