I have a question  

mysticmonty 42F
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12/1/2005 6:37 pm

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10/20/2006 7:22 am

I have a question

Question: How many people who've met in person, via AdultFriendFinder, have either maintained a relationship or just merely a one night stand?

In other words,was it just a one night thingy or a long term sexual relationship?

ClausGaiusSmote 44M

12/1/2005 9:06 pm

Varies... I had a running date with a couple for two years...

I had a nice relationship with a stunning woman for 3 nights...

Depends on them, depends on me...

Anyone else?

fwolfc 44M
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12/2/2005 12:52 am

Well..... let's see I have had absolutely no luck for months here on adultfriend finder...BUT I have had a couple
Most of the time its a one off thing....

As for relationships I have had one with this couple for 5 years now... we see each other once of twice a year... its nice and very casual....

rm_troyx 40M

12/6/2005 2:06 am

Well let me see, I have got lucky with a few ladies but usually with couples though I must say mainly the KL ones. Penang well only a handful.

It is usually a one off thing though and the most didn't go past 5 meetings. That is the main point of this website isn't it - annonimity?

So since u have accepted the proposal for a drink perhaps we could make the rendezvous a secret given that there are ready party crashers here. Perhaps you could e-mail me instead. You can get it from my handle.

I'd be off work for the rest of December so just let me know where and when.... look forward to meeting you Mystic ...

rm_TopsyTurvy69 53M
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12/6/2005 7:58 pm

Most turned out to be 1 off, not by design, but more like you just allow it to turn out that way...
Coz most ppl are here for the thrill & spill.
Coz everybody comes in asking: what can i get? what can i get?
Coz a relationship that works, like all relationships, is hard to come by. Further more, you have to put in effort to make things work, coz things don't work out by themselves, do they?
Now who in the world has time for that?
Or, what are the odds you get to meet some1 really really so special it's worth your time & effort? When most ppl are not even bothered with basic courtesy of the most fundamental kind?

rm_FunDucker 52M

12/15/2005 3:00 am

yup, it's all dependent not by design...after a while, i would hope to find the right one who clicks and stop swinging around...sex becomes a mere elementary element.... after all the ooo-ooo aaa-aaa, i want to be able of saying "hey, honey, i love u" the next morning.
Timing and luck i think...

mysticmonty 42F

12/16/2005 5:10 pm

Hey y'guys, thanks for all your input, point(s) presented like a pro.

FunDucker >>> Your version or moan session vs. reality check is a good one! Those who can relate to it, say "Aye"? I see an increasing show of hands, unless of course, you're among the extinct few who actually make AdultFriendFinder your ultimate lifestyle pod.

TopsyTurvy >>> Hhmm...you always have this tendency to mind map my questions and branch out a few stems and sprouts each time. Interesting.
What can I get eh? Hopefully loads of unrisked, no strings attached sexual encounters? Yes, thrills and spills, that different kind of adrenalin rush and excitement, anticipation, mystery, sultry, sexy illusion.
Effort and time are like peas in a pot. Some do make it but here in AdultFriendFinder, most want to break it, have nothing to do with responsibility, which is a diversion people seek, away from the normal real world.
Basic courtesy of the most fundamental kind?
Hhhmmm....what exactly is it Tops? Please and thank you's after a swirling sex romp? Tell us. ermmm...please? *wink*

mysticmonty 42F

12/16/2005 5:24 pm

"Illusion is the first of all pleasures." - OW.

Are you enjoying your illusion?

I am.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Luvwetcunt1000 50M
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12/20/2005 8:22 pm

I think there's a lot of varied answers to your question.

Like I said earlier, I personally have had shit luck, but I've made a few friends on AdultFriendFinder and there seems to be a good mix. Seems like one night stands outnumber the rest. I guess it's because like you said almost everyone who logs on to this site is looking for an easy pickup, a quick flick, no-strings-attached thrill kinda thing ...

But I've also seen pure friendships (no X!) actually blossom. How long they last? Anyone's guess.

rm_panzer4pussy 44M
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2/4/2006 9:55 am

i find it easier getting a fast job at the bar

online, i don't know who i'm dealing with

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