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4/15/2006 10:11 am
Chat me?

Chat.Room. Chatroom. My most recent visit, probably the last confirmed my almost "this-cannot-be-can-it-theory" hahahahhaha....

Female chatter doing MORE than just chatting, *hint:- Male(very obviously horny) proposes this question:"You are so SO sexy...."*

What happens next is a stream of live "requests" asking this "sexy" girl to well,
Pose for the cam?

Ohhh...I wanted to check this cam-jam-session out but, No? I think I was turned off almost immediately. Yes, I realise once more how idiotic things can be in a place like that, and of course, how silly of me to imagine anything "good" about the whole chat thingy.
We all know what usually happens and is expected in online public flirting.

Some days, the total opposite can happen, which is...nobody says anything close to interesting, that would welcome any form of two-way-chat, other that the usual and oh so common taglines.
Tonight though...somebody caught my eye with this, "Hi to all women, my cam is on only for you, I am caucasian!"???
Well, well...quite a potential there eh? hahaha...

Ohoh, I must not make this too long, or else people would get turned off by my writing.
Apparently, when posts are too long, they automatically become too tiring and tedious to welcome readers, so.....

******************* The End ********************

Watch out for the next exciting episode of....
*STARWARS theme*

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