A gift for Master Del  

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A gift for Master Del

Arriving slightly disheveled in this strange cold place; the thought warms her with pictures of this moment for endless months. Imaging what it will be like to appear before Him, to begin her training in real life. A sense of her vulnerability tugs at her, she is too thirsty for His presence to let it stop her. It feels as though all that has filled her mind are thoughts of His presence, His touch, the sound of His voice. She hears all the things she desires, craves, and longs for. An appetite for what lies just before her, she begins to prepare herself in her mind to let Him have her, own her.
The moment she makes the exit from the cab He will show His longing, wants, and requests. Only having to ask and she will give Him everything. All that she is and all that she will become under His magical touch and desires for her.
Stepping out of the cab that has brought her to Him and her destiny she timidly turns and pulls herself together. As composed as she can muster she approaches her Master. Her breath stops for a moment, and she remembers to believe.
He takes her luggage automatically; putting it safely away, (first things first she thinks is how He must be) Then He pauses, and they hold each other’s eyes for only a moment. He is drinking her in while He completes His task of settling her in His home.
Now in his home He looks at He looks at her. She glances up sheepishly and He says “oh My little one, come to me”. They embrace for what seems like a lifetime. Engraving in her mind and grasping for every detail of this single moment in time in her life.
He sits her next to Him and the hours seem pass as they try to grasp for every feature and quality of the other. All of it coming and happening so easily, flowing like the gentleness of a river. She instantly trusts all things about her Master.
The beginning of the first night in each other’s arms excites and scares her. What if He is disappointed in some way? Feeling so exhilarated and alive the hours go by as they make love. Eventually drifting off to sleep until morning comes and gently wakes the two lovers.
The day is spent talking, touching, and dancing. W/we are both filled with sparkling, gleaming eyes, and hearts full.
A couple days pass and they are spent just getting to know one another. Then the training begins. In His kind and gentle nature He prepares her for their first scene. He knows her only fear is pain. Petrified if you will that she will not be able to fulfill her Master’s needs, He softly assures her “little one I will only take you as far as you wish to go.”
He requests that she take her bath, as He knows this pleases her so very much. He then states after that I will become Your Master. She whispers very lightly and timidly, “Yes Sir”. (Until that evening referring to Him, as Master was often times forced or avoided.
Instantly alone with her thoughts in the bathtub her fears become more real. Knowing that in moments she will seek what she has been searching for. Pure abandonment going along with total freedom from self. Submission!
As she enters His room, she quickly scans the room taking notes in her mind that this Man she is about to give herself to has taken great care to insure her comfort and security. Dressed in a velvet skirt with a long slit up one side fully, feeling sensual she awaits His next request. With dancing eyes of approval He asks her to pick a song list, with no words. “Yes Sir and thank You Sir” her only response to His requests.
Then telling her to stand and hesitantly she does as requested. He sits with a look of self-assurance and pleasure. He then disrobes her. She is trembling, nervous. He simply and with ease states playtime is over this is real “little one”. “Yes Sir,” her only muffled reply. In her mind a voice questions, “am I a true submissive, can I do this?” Trembling she lowers her eyes, standing very still and humbly before Him. Requesting each wrist He gently places cuffs lined in fur on each wrist and ankle. Oh the fear and excitement begin to boil within her and intoxicate her now. Placing the collar around her neck she begins to lose herself into only Him and His presence. Telling her to sit at the end of the bed, she responds to His request. Dressed only in cuffs that He has placed on her naked vulnerable body. Unaware that in only moment her body, mind, and heart will no longer belong to herself.
He covers her eyes and she is told to lie down on her belly. Hands then cuffed to the bed; ankles are spread and tied down. At that moment her journey begins

The soul that has been dormant is awakened. This body suddenly aware of His presence over her. He introduces her to one flogger after another. Each time with more intensity that immunizes her to the pain and only the pleasure. She is shocked and in amazement at how much more she wants and craves from Him and His touch. All her mysticl desires answered. They are pulsing through her body now and she is only aware of sensations, lost in her mind, and total freedom.
Beginning to beg for relief the moment comes when she says ”please Master anything for You Master.” He takes her from one orgasm to another. The pain the pleasure and scents, blending with the sexual desires, sensations all engulfing her very being and she feel the complete surrender. Now she understands freedom and submission. Master continues to adore her with His control, giving so much of Himself. As much if not more than He takes.
The cuffs removed, her eyes allowed to see again as she peers into this man whom may only be the only to master her body and mind.
Belonging to Him now no other. Forever His and her desires are no longer a mystery.

Mysticldesires (Jan.2003)

may you rest in the peace You gave

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