One of those days???  

mysticknight6935 52M
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5/5/2006 3:46 am

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5/14/2006 10:33 pm

One of those days???

Do you ever have one of those days where you question yourself as to why you even bothered to get out of bed? I mean, from the moment you wake up you say "what the F**K did I get out of bed for?"
You spend you day in some gloom and doom, wondering what your life is and has been all about, if its possible to get any better, or if your just destined to this thing called "LIFE" that to you is just mearly existing!
Today is one of those days....dull and dreary even though the sun is shinning and the weather outside is gorgeous.

So, I think I'm just gonna go back to bed and stay there until my mood improves or I DIE, whichever comes first...but before I do, let me ask you this question my fellow bloggers:
What do you do when your in "one of these moods"?

freetime648 53F

5/5/2006 5:15 am

I get my ass up and take it outside and force myself into happiness....may I suggest you do the same??? Or maybe I should just flash my tits at ya???? LMAO

xx FREETIME648 xx

Nightguy_1961 56M
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5/11/2006 1:21 am

I write.....get it out of my system.

Since I work nights, I am usually alone, so I don't have anyone to vent to, so that usually means the poor readers here in Blogville have to put up with my rants and ravings....

NG61...fading back into the shadow...

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