Late Night at the Diner: Continued  

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Late Night at the Diner: Continued

The next day he couldn't seem to keep his mind focused on anything. His morning had started off as usual with his wife nagging him about where he went last night, what he was doing out all night and why he never came to bed anymore. She knew that he had problems sleeping and would often go out for a walk or a drive to try and tire himself out, but this still didn't keep her from nagging him about his late night drives.
He only half listened to her, as he usually did, because his mind this morning was focused on the events of last night. Was it a dream? Just his tired mind playing tricks on his emotions? NO, it was as real as anything and that thought occupied his mind the entire day. He remembered her soft touch, the curves of her body and how her lips felt against his as they kissed and said goodbye only hours earlier. He could still smell the aroma of her perfume and feel her thighs touching his under their table. Did she notice the effect that she had on him last night? After all, just thinking about her made him stand erect and in need of attention. He remembers them being pressed up against each other as they leaned on her car kissing...there was no way that she couldn't have felt his hardness. And, at the time he thought that it was his imagination, but he could have sworn that he felt her press her thighs into him as they kissed.
His entire day was spent in half conscious awareness of his job and his surroundings because his thoughts and his desires kept flashing forward to that night when he hoped to see her again. Would she show up? Was this just a lucky one time encounter or had he affected her the same way that she had him? Only time, and a late night drive back to the diner would answer his questions.
That night, as the rest of the household slept, he got dressed up for his midnight drive. Nothing too fancy, but more than the sweats and t-shirt you would normally put on for late night drives or errands. He put on his black button fly jeans, his white button front long sleeve shirt and his favorite sneakers. Grabbing his leather jacket and keys, he was out the door and soon driving down the highway towards his destination...and towards her.
As he pulled up to the diner and looked int he window, he noticed some of the same faces as the night before, the regular crowd he assumed, but also noticed that tonight was more crowded than it had been. He walked in the door and stood there for a moment taking in the aroma of the fresh brewed coffee and pastries, mixed with the stale smell of the cigarette smoke from the crowd. His senses were overwhelmed by the sounds from the jukebox and he wondered if there was something mystical about that machine. It seemed to know what was on his mind or his emotions every time he came in here and tonight was no different. Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford were singing their duet of "Close My Eyes Forever" and he stood there for a moment and listened to them sing the words that were in his mind all day..."baby, i get so scared inside and I don't really understand. Is it love that's on my mind or is it fantasy..."
He made his way to "their booth" and ordered a cup of coffee. While he sipped his coffee and waited, he closed his eyes as the chorus came over the air..."if I close my eyes forever, will it ever be the same..." And then he felt a soft hand on his shoulder and a softer, gentler kiss on his cheek. He opened his eyes to see her beautiful face looking down at him. He noticed the soft skin of her legs, exposed to just above the knee where her red leather mini dress stopped. She looked amazing and the dress highlighted every curve of her body. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and he traced the lines of her neck, earlobes and face with his eyes. My God she was beautiful!
He stood and kissed her softly and he felt her hands on his sides and the tip of her tounge traced his upper lip. "Did I disturb your dreaming" she said. "No", he replied, "You made my dreams come true." She smiled at him and he motioned for her to sit next to him in the booth as he asked the waiter to bring them both a cup of coffee. Just as last night, she sat close enough that their thighs touched under the table and it sent sparks of energy straight up to his groin. "I was hoping that you'd come" he said. "I told you that I would, that I wanted to see you again, to be with you" she replied. Then there were no words at all for moments...they just looked into each others eyes and he again felt that connection with her very soul being made as it had the night before. Without words or motions, they leaned in and kissed each other deepely and her hand moved to his thigh as his moved to hers. He felt the quiver in her legs at the same time that he also felt the tips of her fingers find his bulge. "Your shaking" he said. "And your, excited" she replied with a coy smile. "I guess you just have that effect on me" he said with a blushing smile. "And do you know what effect you have had on me since last night" she asked. "No, not really" he said.
She took his hand that was resting on her thigh under the table and moved it further up and under her dress. Instantly he felt the heat and also noticed that she was not wearing any panties. His fingers touched her lips and felt the wetness and the heat that was escaping this womans core.
"That is what your doing to me" she said. He only smiled at her and moved his hand higher and his index finger found its target and moved inside of her.
She let out a sigh and soft moan and her own hand found his bulge and grasped it through his jeans as his finger began to move around and over her button, making her juices flow more than they already were. The waiter approached their table to re-fill their coffee cups and he just looked up and said thanks, never stopping his caresses of her wetness! He removed his finger and brought it to his lips and savored the aroma of her before licking his finger clean.
She looked at him with lust and disbelief at what had just occured and the thoughts in her mind overwhelmed her senses. "I am still kicked out of my house because my husband is being an asshole" she said, "do you want to go back to my hotel room? Its just up the road about a mile or so and we can be there before you even go soft."
Without words he stood up, took her by the hand and layed the money on the table for their coffee. They went out into the parking lot and decided to take his car, just in case his wife came looking for him. She handed him the keys and he opened her door, let her in the car, and then moved into the drivers seat.
They were no more out of the parking lot before her hands began to unbutton his jeans and free his swollen erection. Instantly, her lips and mouth engulfed him and he nearly ran over a garbage can on the side of the road. "Oh, she's good" he tought to himself as her tounge traced a line up his shaft, around his head and back down again. She engulfed his cock in her mouth and began to suck him with passion and desire. It was everything that he could do to not explode right then and there, especially when he noticed that her own fingers were working her wetness while she sucked him...matching the rythem of her fingers to the movement of her head.
He pulled into the parking lot of her hotel and they made their way into her room, never bothering to fix their clothes because they knew, once inside the door, they would be comming off as quickly as possible.
Once inside her hotel room they began to frantically strip one anothers clothes away and cast them off to the floor. They stood there naked before one another and their eyes just feasted on the flesh exposed to one another. He lifted her up in his arms, carried her over to the bed and laid her down, positioning himself so that he now could taste on his lips the flavor that he got from his finger in the diner. He moved beside her, his hardness to her mouth and her wetness to his lips and without words...they....(TO BE CONTINUED)

sportsfan362436 48F

4/10/2006 5:39 am

Hmmmm..... just one question... wouldn't the waiter see what was taking place under the table???

*Smiles,kisses n hugz*

mysticknight6935 52M

4/10/2006 11:05 pm

Just one answer...YES he would...but at that moment, I don't think that they (or anyone for that matter) would really care! A lil exhibitionism never hurt anyone!

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