Flight into FANTASY!  

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Flight into FANTASY!

It had been a long week and he was both physically and emotionally tired. It was never easy to have to put family matters in order, but it was especially hard to do it across an ocean. So, rather than try to handle things a continent away he had taken time off of work and flown back to his home town to handle things in person.
The week was over and as he sat at the airport in the international terminal he thought about the weeks events, the family and their offers of condolences, the issues still left undone that would have to wait, and how glad he was to be getting away from it all and back "home" to Frankfurt Germany where he lived and worked at the Embassy.
As he sat in the airport bar sipping his beer he looked around at the other people and wondered what their story was. He often looked at others and tried to read from their actions and mannerisms the story of their lives. One person in particular caught his attention across the bar. She was a vision of beauty, elegance and grace. Her hair was raven black and her eyes the deepest shade of green he had ever seen. They looked as if two pieces of the finest jade had been reserved just for her and placed where her eyes were supposed to be. She ran her finger across the top of her martini glass as she stared down into its abyss and he wondered what thoughts and dreams she was contemplating. He guessed her to be in her early 40's, married (the wedding ring a dead giveaway) and, judging from her attire, very well off in terms of financial matters. She looked up from her glass and caught him looking in her direction and she smiled at him. Feeling a bit embarrassed he raised his glass towards her and smiled back, then diverted his eyes towards the departure screen.
His flight left in 45 minutes and, having already checked his bags, gotten his boarding pass and stowed his carry-on, he knew that all he needed to do was to walk down to the gate and board the plane. He ordered motioned for the bartender to order another drink. The bartender brought him his beer and when he tried to pay for it he was told that the lady at the end of the bar had already taken care of it. He looked her way and found that she too was looking at him and she smiled with a smile that could light even the darkest of nights. Her eyes glowed with a radiance of a thousand stars and her smile captivated, intrigued and excited him.
He moved down to her end of the bar and, as any gentleman would, thanked her for the drink. She extended her hand and introduced herself. "I'm Dara" she said. "I hope you don't think me too forward, but you looked like you could use another drink as badly as I could." and she held out her hand to shake. He took her hand and brought it too his lips, kissing the back of it ever so gently and marveling at the delicateness of her skin. "Hello" he said, "and no, I don't think it too forward." He introduced himself as Logan and asked her if she would be interested in moving to one of the nearby table to finish their drinks and talk.
They sat there and told each other their stories, he about the funeral and personal business that brought him back to town and she about her taking a new job overseas as the CEO of an international marketing firm. As they talked, their eyes seemed locked on one another and her eyes seemed to pull him deeper and deeper into their shimmer.
She talked about her husband, his jealousy over her career and their fading relationship. He talked about his recent divorce, the battle over money and possessions that he had worked so hard to provide and how he was finding it hard to move on with his life as a "single" person again.
Over the loudspeaker they heard the boarding call and she told him that she needed to go and retrieve her carry on baggage from one of the lockers and how it was nice to talk with him. He took her hand once again, kissed it and said "perhaps we can continue our talk on the flight, it is only a 9 hour journey after all." "I'd like that" she replied. "Once it quiets down, perhaps I'll try to find you and we can talk some more." He told her where he was seated and they said their goodbyes.
As he boarded the plane he couldn't help but smile. Only a few hours before his heart was heavy with grief and sorrow and now, it seemed to be jumping in his chest and beating so loud that he wondered if those around him could hear it as well.
It was nearly midnight when the lights in the cabin had been turned off and the other passengers seemed to be settling down and falling into their in-flight comas. A few were engrossed in the movie, one that he had already seen, and others were simply reading books or finishing off their drinks. He had not seen the Dara board the plane and, figuring that it was too good to be true, stretched out on the empty seats beside him to try and sleep himself. He was seated on the outside rows of the airplane and the two seats next to him were unoccupied, allowing him room to stretch out his six foot three frame and get comfortable in a 3x4 foot space.
Just as he was dozing off, he felt a hand on his shoulder and thought that it must be the steward working in this section of the plane waking him to see if he wanted a drink. He opened his eyes and his gaze was met by the most beautiful pair of jade eyes he'd ever seen and he knew instantly that it was Dara. Her legs were long and muscular but still as feminine as any lady and the skirt that she was wearing clung to her thighs and hips and there, in the dimly light plane, he thought that he could be dreaming. He sat up and invited her to sit with him, telling her that the seats were empty and she wouldn't be bothering anyone. She sat down next to him and they began once again to talk,picking up right where they had left off in the bar.
For the next several hours that talked about anything and everything that came to mind and he was amazed at how easily their conversations flowed from one topic to the other. She was incredibly smart, had a sense of humor equal to his own and a laugh that was a joy to hear. When she talked, she would place her hand on top of his or on his leg as she was making her point about whatever topic being discussed and her touch sent shock waves of energy and electricity up his spine. At first it was only occasional, but as they talked and as more and more passengers around them slipped off to sleep it became more frequent until she didn't even pull it away, but rather left it there on his thigh while they talked.
She yawned, the travel and drinks and late hour finally seeming to catch up with her. He asked her if she was tired and she replied "I am, but I don't want to have to go back to my seat and end our talk." "You're welcome to stay here, these seats are empty and I know they are not first class, but your more than welcome to stay here with me."
She accepted and took out a blanket from the overhead compartment. "there are no pillows up here, you wouldn't mind loaning me your shoulder would you?" she asked with a smile. "NO, not at all" he replied. She stretched the blanket out over the two of them, lifted the armrest that was between them and snuggled her head into his shoulder. "Oh she smelled wonderful" he thought and he leaned his head against the window to try to sleep himself.
He didn't know how long he had been sleeping, or how long he'd been dreaming but knew that he didn't want to wake up. Yet, something had stirred him from his sleep and he opened his eyes to see what it was. Dazed and half awake he noticed a strange sensation running through his body and it wasn't long before he realized what it was. Dara's hand was resting in his lap and her fingers were caressing and stroking the hardness that filled his pants. Was she dreaming? If she was, there was no way he was going to wake her, especially since he was now awake to fully enjoy what was happening. He closed his eyes and pretended to sleep as he grew even harder under her touch.
"Do you want me to stop" he heard her whisper. She was awake and she KNEW what she was doing. "NO" he replied, "I thought that you were dreaming." She said nothing, only smiled and her fingers reached up and unzipped his pants, allowing his hardness to escape their confines. "Someone will notice" he said softly. "And what if they do, you think they will get jealous or will they see something that they haven't seen before." At this, her hand wrapped around his shaft and began to stroke him ever so gently, her fingers applying pressure at the base and then releasing at the tip. He shuddered and a shiver went up his spine as she continued to stroke his cock there under the blanket. He opened his eyes and noticed that the blanket was not only moving over his cock, but also above where she herself sat.
He reached across under her arm and found her hand buried between her thighs, fingering her own wetness in rhythm with her stroking. He gently replaced her fingers with his own and found that she was dripping wet and they could slide easily into her. Her clit was swollen and engorged with blood and he couldn't remember the last time he felt one so 'alive'.
Her hand matched his fingers as they moved in and out of her and she began to moan softly. His thumb circled her button and felt it respond to his every caress by causing her muscles to contract around his fingers. "Oh god that feels good" she whispered. "What your doing to me feels wonderful" was all he could manage to say. Her hand began to move up and down on his shaft faster and harder and he knew that she was nearing the edge.
He began to move his fingers in and out deeper using long strokes in and out. Running them over her clit on the way out...holding it between his fingers and applying gently pressure, then slipping his fingers as far back in as he could manage.
Her hips began to buck against his fingers and her hand jerked and massaged his hardness faster and faster. "oh god, oh god, oh oh oh" she began to whisper and he felt a torrent of liquid begin to escape around his fingers. She leaned into his shoulder and bit down on it to muffle her screams as she came again and again in one massive orgasm after another. She was biting down hard and he knew that she was drawing blood but this only excited him more and he continued to finger her deeply.
She released her bite on his shoulder and he felt her legs go limp as her entire body convulsed and finally settled. She too realized that during her orgasm she had stopped stroking him and, as she recovered her own senses began again to stroke him. "I didn't mean to neglect you" she whispered. "It's a good thing you stopped our I wouldn't have been able to finish you off like I wanted too. I am about to cum myself and if you don't stop now, we are going to have to buy this blanket from the airlines." "Oh, I don't think that you have to worry about making the blanket a mess" she replied. He noticed her gaze around them and, finding everyone around asleep, she lowered her head to his lap and took his hardness into her mouth. "OH GAWD" he said. Her head began to move up and down and he felt her tongue move up the underside of his shaft. He ran his fingers into her raven hair and began to move his hips up and down, making love to her mouth the way that she had done to his fingers.
It was only a matter of minutes before his hips began thrusting up faster and faster and she knew he was on the verge of exploding. She pulled away, looked up into his eyes and whispered "I want to taste you. I want you to cum in my mouth and fill me full" and then went down on him once again. He held onto her head as he felt her lips tighten around him and suck him for all he was worth and before long, he could hold back no more. With a muffled moan he let go and exploded in wave after wave deep into her mouth. He felt much of it escaping around her lips but knew that her tongue was catching any that escaped. When she said that she wanted ALL OF IT, that's exactly what she meant.
She continued to suck until there was nothing left and he began to soften in her mouth. She pulled away, licked her lips and placed his now spent cock back in his pants and zipped them up.
She sat up licking her lips and smiling at him as he too smiled back at her. For the first time since they met, she leaned in an they kissed. He tasted his seed on her lips and tongue and enjoyed the flavor of her mouth mixed with him. She placed a finger to his lips and he smelled her musky scent and tasted her sweet nectar on her fingers. "I wish I could taste that direct from the source" he whispered as she ran her fingertips over his lips. "Who says that you can't" she replied with a sly smile. "We still have 3 hours of flightime left and about another hour till everyone wakes up."
With that being said, she took his hand and led him to the back of the plane where the lavatories were located. She glanced around, opened the door and led him inside...

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Damn..... now why is it that we couldn't have met on an international flight??? *weg*

*Smiles, kisses n hugz*

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