too weird???  

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8/28/2006 6:09 am

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8/29/2006 6:49 am

too weird???

funny thing happened to me today: (when my condition is not that healthy...)

1. mr patience kinda shocked me with his email (cant explain it..too damn difficult, but i also keep wondering why lately he keeps running marathon in my head lol)
2. one of my past fuck buddies sms me...(never heard of him quite long, he's never that special for me so i said i cant)
3. another 'friend' of mine sms me too...(just met him once and have no intention to meet him again, sucks!)
4. the other 'friend' sms me too saying he's in canada n wanna call me n do phone sex.(im in office, sorry)
stop stop stop stoppppp!!!!!!!! shit!
5. i do met 'mr.cappuccino'n his funny friends (thats the only good thing happen. hey...but mr patience keep running marathon in my head was fun too hahahaha)
6. my best friend call me and say that she might fall in love...(gosh!!!)
7. my sister is in the 'war' with her copycat!!
8. while my mind keep fucking thinking with, i better dont say it.

arghhhhh..and this day hasnt end yet. what happened with today, its reallyy realllyyyy weird....all people act weird n the atmosphere just strange ..... hmmm....wonder what will happen next..(so i pop in AdultFriendFinder to see if things here ok or not. it looks ok now. phewww!)

now, what im gonna do is prepare my things and going home. laying in bed naked, play with my pussy n dinner with family. yeah, sounds boring right?? but not in my mind anyone wanna help me fantasized??

nite niteee

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